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My name is Ashley Jo Bruce Lumpkin. I’ve been designing websites for three years working with all kinds of small businesses. I love taking business stories and telling them in a way that connects and builds relationships. I’m also known for answering all your online business questions, even if it’s about marketing, strategy and software recommendations!

I’ve recently gotten married and am beyond excited to start my life with my cute hubby. 

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El Mishpat Foundation

A non-profit that supports
fighting injustice in Liberia.

Polishing My Life

A educational and coaching based business focused on helping people heal their bodies using all natural methods.

The Bridal Suite

The Bridal Suite is a unique bridal studio space where a bride can get ready for her big day.

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My packages include branding, web design and marketing strategy.
I build each according to your unique needs. Reach out, I’d love to help in anyway I can!