Me. Now.

   While moving with the crowd of 3500 people looking at this school, I think  ”I could go here.” I mean the food looks good, the campus is pretty, there are ROTC guys everywhere. Why not? But really what I’m thinking is why not now? I am ready. I am pumped. I could have fun-take courses and study whatever. Workout in the gym and play frisby. By the time I get back to the car the idea of college is not an idea anymore. I imaged it and now I feel like I’m ready. I get home and I’ve already mentally decorated my room and made friends. Now I just simply can’t wait.

   Why not? Now I’m sitting in bed coming down from this high of ideas and excited for starting a chapter of my life that I’m not on yet. Where did I go wrong. When did I stop living today so I can live in the future. When did I stop trusting God to put me where I am suppose to be Now? When did I drift from Him? Now that I realize what I have done. What am I going to do about it?



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