Las Vegas

So I’m moving to Vegas

I never thought I’d say that, let me tell you. My father got a job in Las Vegas and we have done the whole long distance family thing and it didn’t end well. We decided to move out there with him. 
The drive is a bit more than 30 hours. I wanted to tell you all what I have learned on a four day road trip across 8 states with my mother.
What better way to tell you than through a list? I don’t know.

Things I learned on a 30 Hour Road Trip

  1. That loved one that is in the car with you, you don’t love so much anymore
  2. The amount of bugs killed on your windshield could cause extinction
  3. When experiencing extreme fatigue beware of entering wrong car
  4. Bring A LOT of music
  5. Tumbleweeds do exist
  6. Bring napkins, spills do happen
  7. After 3 days, food is scarse
  8. Cops are everywhere
  9. The wind is so strong it might just take your phone
These photos range from New Mexico to Nevada!

Im not sure how I feel about this move yet but Ill let you know when I do. We are currently back in Georgia packing and preparing for another long road trip. We are moving Friday so it will be chaotic! I know I have been posting a lot of book reviews lately but it is what I have been clinging to. The chance to escape reality is really looking good right about now.



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