Dorm Diaries: Move In Day

So yestersday I moved into college. 
It was the most overwhelming experience I have ever experienced.
Grand Canyon University does their move in days a little different. 
If you are a new student then you drive into the already crammed parking lot in front of your dorm. There are hundreds of kids standing on the side walk waiting for you to pull up so they can unload your stuff. 
Their is so many people screaming you pretty much have no idea where your stuff is off to. At this point I lost my mom so I had to call and find her. Next I went into my dorm and up the stairs thank God its only the second floor. 

 Next I met my Resident Assistant and Life Leader. They handed me my key and I went into my room. I saw a layout online but that doesn’t really tell you anything so I didn’t know what to expect. My three “roommates” had beaten me in so I was the last to arrive. I met my roommate for the first time then met her family and my two other suite mates.

By the way at Grand Canyon University the dorms are like mini apartments. There is two bedrooms and two bathrooms plus a living room in mine. The rest of the day was calmer. My mom and I went to Walmart and attended orientation. I didn’t really hang out with my roomies until later.

Honestly I was disappointed that the scene from Pitch Perfect with Jesse singing to Becca from the car didn’t happen in real life. Tell me someone else was disappointed that this did not happen.
When you finally realize your in college….
Watch this gif. and smile  :)
And your thinking this school has no idea what they got themselves into.
I’ll be back to talk about my first day of classes so check back!


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