The Philippines Back Story

Hello Everyone from hectic finals week here at GCU! I am literally sitting in my bed at 3 in the morning writing this as my roommate sleeps because I know if I put it off anymore, people will start texting me wondering where it is online. Your probably here to know more about my mission trip to the Philippines but before that….

….The Back Story

To understand why I felt led to go on a mission trip I need to start in Vegas. Back in May my family and I made a move from the North Georgia mountains to the famous city of Las Vegas, Nevada. I wasn’t exactly thrilled to be moving across the country and I felt uneasy because I didn’t know where I was going to go to college in the fall.

I began researching the normal things like church, colleges and, of course, the closest Hobby Lobby. (There is one 5 min away and it made me very happy.)

BUT the most important to me is getting involved in a church. I googled the closest large churches near us and the Crossing came up. It was about 15 away and it looked like it had a large student ministry which was always important to me. Next thing I knew, we were packing our semi and trailer and moved across the country. It took us four days to drive the trailer 30 hours across 8 states plus a dog.


Insert in a stop at Grand Canyon University because I really wanted to tour.
You know what comes next.


I HATE packing/unpacking.

Anyway we moved in on Monday and that Wednesday I called the church and asked question about the youth ministry. They told me there was a service that evening and where to go on campus so I did. The way that the Crossing does Fusion (youth ministry) is the first hour is a normal worship/service then the last 45 min is like small group. I was blessed and was put in an AMAZING senior girls group who were pretty great with two amazing leaders.

After that I became friends with the girls and experienced CIY that summer with them.
Jump back a few months before I moved to Vegas, the girls in my group along with one of the leaders went on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic and it changed their lives. I kept hearing stories and decided that I really wanted to experience something like they did.
Next thing that happened was I decided to attend Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona.


Jump ahead to August and my parents are driving me down and moving me into my new home. I became fast friends with my roommates and began experiencing college life. This is when I began hearing about mission trip opportunities. Grand Canyon is a Christian college and so it has an office of Spiritual life which began advertising early in the early because my September the applications were due for the mission trips.

Just to apply there was a $50 application fee and I was worried about that. The week of the deadline my mom called me and told me a Graduation card came in the mail. I asked her to open it and she did. It had a check for $75 which was insanely perfect. So the day the application was due I put in my application money then I was faced with a very important question.

Which mission trip to go on.

I had already narrowed down the options to four because I knew I wanted to give up my spring break to go on a trip. That left Mexico, the Philippines, Nicaragua and Haiti. Spiritual life held an event in September to show students different cultures and what mission trip options they were offering that year. They had traditional food from four different country and the line was wrapped around the building so it was very chaotic. I went by myself and went to every table to hear about the mission trips specifically. The next part was kind of stupid of me but I didn’t take notes so by the time I was putting in my application I couldn’t remember which mission trip to go on.

So what does any normal person do?


So that’s what I did and I put down the Philippines.

The Dreaded Interview

So next comes interviews and thankfully the Philippines trip was a group interview but it was still nerve wracking. Our trip is being led by two lovely ladies and 26 girls will be joining them, including myself.

The interview was pretty fun, we had to take a quiz on the Philippines and of course we all failed. I’m pretty sure I only answered one question right. Next we had to show one object that describes us. Some were really creative like a piece of glass and a sponge then there was me without an object. I actually used this blog as my object but it turned out okay because they let me on the trip anyway.

Fast forward and I am on the phone with my mom who thought the trip I really wanted to go on was to Haiti. So I emailed the office and asked about interviewing for the Haiti trip.

Two weeks later I got a call from one of the Philippines trip leaders asking about where I want to go. I told her about the Haiti trip and she said they had already chosen their group for the trip so I ended up just staying with the Philippines trip and I am thankful I did for two reasons.

1. All Woman’s Trip- I think we will be able to reach more girls because of this and more doors will be open.

2.Working with lots of children- Every since leading Awanas I have loved working with children.


So that is how I got where I am now, fundraising $2000 to give up my spring break to share Jesus Christ with woman and children in a foreign country.
I would like to ask for prayer for both myself and all my group mates as we fundraise and prepare for this wonderful opportunity.

Thanks for reading and check back for updates about my trip!!!



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