Curious about Curious Tea?

Snow Bud

The second tea, Darjeeling First Flush, came from the Thurbo
Tea Estate in Mirik Valley of western Darjeeling, India. The dry leaves also
give of a sweet scent but they also have an earthy undertone to them. The leaves
vary in size but for the most part are thin and small. I again, followed the
directions for steeping and when it was finished, the liquid was a very
pleasant golden or a light amber hue. The tea gave of a very sweet and flowery
aroma. My initial thought on sipping this tea was shock on how different the
scent and the taste was. I was expecting a honey like taste, however it was
more of a bitter taste with a flowery undertone. It was not at all an
unpleasant flavor however, as with the first, I would suggest some honey. Out
of the two teas, this was my favorite.




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