Did you know we are heirs?

It is and was common for the oldest son to receive the families inheritance but He can’t receive this until he has grown under the leadership of his father.

We are the same way because without God we were slaves to the worldly ways. We grew up learning the ways of the world through tests and experiences. Even when growing up within the Earthly house of the Lord, the worldly ways surrounded us. No one person skipped this section of life. We are constantly surrounded by it even now but it is different because we have the Spirit.

 When we built a relationship with God, He also built one with us. No relationship is one sided especially not with our God. When we adopted the Lord as our God, as our father, as our provider then he adopted us too.

 Jesus was sent to Earth, born of woman, living perfectly in an imperfect world to die so that we can be adopted by God.

God adopted us.

God adopted me.

God adopted you.

God took us in including all our imperfections like the way we react when others don’t do something the way we would do it. He wanted us even though we lusted after others and their things. We sometimes turn away from Him and His guidance to seek our own personal desires no matter how Earthly. He knew what He was adopting, He created us. He knows us like no one else.

 He knows our deepest desires.

Our biggest fears.

Our worst sins.

Yet He still loves us.

He still adopted US.

Because of His adoption we are free. We are no longer slaves to the world. We are no longer slaves to our sins, our human desires or our thoughts. We have received the ultimate gift.

Because we are God’s daughters or sons through this adoption then we are heir’s through God.

The Lord’s inheritance is greater than any Earthly inheritance.

It is eternal freedom.

Galatians 4:1-7

Romans 8:12-17

1 John 3:1-2



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