Loving the One

Do we ever tell the Lord that we love Him?

We spend our lives knowing of His love for us. I mean He sent His only son to experience extreme pain to die on a cross not for Himself but for us. Do we ever just stop and show Him how much he means to us.

Lets look at Mother’s day. We spend the entire day trying to show our moms how much they mean to us. We make breakfast and bring it to her in bed. We sacrifice and watch whatever shows or movies she wants to see. It’s literally a day dedicated to showing our mothers that all their hard work and energy put into keeping our lives straight was worth it because we recognize now what all she has done. We appreciate them because we have a relationship with them. 

After we recognize everything that Jesus did for us and accept the fact that we are imperfect

like Isaiah

and become redeemed then we begin our relationship with Him. It doesn’t matter what stage in the relationship you are at currently. Whether you just discovered Him or He has been your father for years, expressing love is important. 

We continually speak with Him about our lives. We seek guidance when we are at a crossroads. We seek comfort when times are hard. We praise Him because of the things He has done for us. Yet do we ever just stop and say I love you?

We continually picture God as a figure that is 20 feet tall and constantly on a throne with a crown but we need to change our thinking. He is that but He is so much more. He is our friend. 

He sits and has coffee with us at that hipster bar down the street. He goes to see all the Marvel movies in the theater with us. He sits with us on the couch has a Netflix marathon with us. He walks with us to class. He is in the passenger seat when we drive home. 

He is as real as you reading this on your computer. 

We too often ignore the fact that we are in a relationship with Him but it is different then all our Earthly relationships. He knows us, like really knows us. He knows our first thoughts in the mornings when our alarm is blaring for that eight o’clock class. He is there when we look in the mirror and dislike the way we look today. He is there when we think negatively about that other person. 

He knows all the impurities about us yet He still loves us. We are discovering more things about Him everyday just like if we were in any Earthly relationship. We love Him because He puts up with us but we don’t tell Him enough.

I challenge you to spend one day loving on the Lord.

Read His letters. 

Sing His praises. 

Love His people.

Ask for Him to show you how you can love Him and see how He changes you.



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