NEW years

Out with the old in with the new.

Isn’t that the famous phrase that gets tossed in to decision making when the new year rolls around. The family is all gone, the presents have been opened and ten pounds has been gained. Thats really the beginning of new and better goals for the new year. 

This year something struck me differently about the new year. It has become an opportunity for me. An opportunity to set goals for my life. Things like being open, which I am not known for, or be more encouraging, maybe even lose a few pounds. 

But I don’t just make this personal goals with an inward view. I make them and seek change because I want to grow. Grow into God. Through my presence of vulnerability. Through my exclamation of my belief. Through my treatment of others. There are specific people and actions I want to take in 2016 because I want to grow into the person God wants me to be. I can’t just sit back and wait for God to push things into my life. I want to seek my own personal improvement, with His help. 

Just to motivate myself a little and to show you how serious I am I will state my “new years resolutions”.

1. Be more open more often.

Its easy for me to be open with people whose opinions don’t matter to me. This means I am intimidated by the ones I’m close to because I feel like they are just going to leave. 

2. Be more encouraging.

This ones pretty self explanatory. I like to think I am encouraging but I don’t think its intentional. I want to be more encouraging, intentionally. 

3. Memorize scripture.

If we are being quite honest I am absolutely horrible at this. I have an app and everything yet its not been a priority. I feel this is an incredibly important thing to encourage more of the Lord’s presence in my life. 

4. Blog more.

You knew this was coming didn’t you. I am in a current state of constant growth right now and I love reevalutating it through writing, then sharing. 

5. Put away the phone.

Its easy to sit and play with the phone while eating a meal with someone at school because you do it all the time. Those times spent sitting and eating can be the most fun and fulfilling if we stop getting destracted by our phones.

6. Speak WITH God not TO God. 

Prayer requires stopping completely. No distractions. As someone whose mind is constantly going this is difficult for me but it is essential. I need to sit on my bathroom floor, no light, no phone, no sound. Just conversation. 

7. Cut out the impure.

The impure music. The impure tv shows. The impure language. The impure movies. Be more careful about what goes into my mind. 

My decisions and goals are mine.


See where YOU want to see growth. Is it through your personal relationship with God? Others? Your habits? Your health?

Every decision you make contributes to your life, make it a good one. 

“But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded.” 2 Chronicles 15:7



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