Dear Self

January 1st, 2015

Dear Self, 

There are a few ways I want to prepare you for this coming year which will be full of life’s trials and God’s triumphs. First remember you are loved right now in this very moment by the ultimate creator of the entire universe. Get to know Him. He is waiting just for you.

You are you for a reason no matter what others think or say about you, be true to who God created you to be. He knows every little detail about you and made you that way for a specific reason which will reveal itself in time. Be true even if it means you have no friends or feel unwelcome or alone. Do not conform to the ideas of society which tells you its okay when you know and feel convicted that it isn’t. Be true to you.

Live with two open hands. This is the most difficult thing to do especially when you feel like its perfect because the plans you make for yourself will never be as amazing as what God has planned for your wonderful life. Learn this now, at a young age, because later when you are still heart broken because one thing didn’t work out it stops you from complete trust. Trust in someone who knows you.

Embrace blessings. God has gifted you so much but don’t take one ounce of it for granted. Those people, those experiences are yours. They are there to bring you joy which ultimately needs to be reestablished as praise back to the amazing One. 

Embrace rejection. We wish this was avoidable but the key is to recognize all rejection as God saying,”Not this, I have something better in mind.” Just trust and be joyful in times of sorrow. Also your rejections do not diminish your value. Your loves, passions, beauty, and skills are enough. You are enough.

You will go on a trip and it will change your entire life and the way you see the future and your purpose. Enjoy every single second of it and be open to the Holy Spirits movement. 

Do not fear others opinions. Do not put value in others opinions of you when the only one’s opinion that matters is Gods. You are not defined by their thoughts of the way you dress or act or spend your free time. Be confident in yourself. You are beautiful and smart and wise and mature and adventurous. Sit in who God made you. If your ever curious about who you are in God’s eyes look it up and bask in His love.

SPEAK. Use your words. Don’t hold back. You are a human being with opinions and wisdom and a love for others. Do not be embarrassed of yourself. Embrace group conversations, do not stay silent. You can contribute. The more you become comfortable in these situations the more you will become comfortable with yourself. 

Grow. Through every little experience, grow. You will gain wisdom and understanding through everything. Do not let the negative of a situation stop you from moving forward. The Lord makes everything work for good. Our mess is turned into His message.

Your feelings and emotions matter. Learn to embrace them and express them in a healthy matter. What your struggling with isn’t stupid. Its a piece of who you are as a person and there is always someone around who cares. Just be open to share because you never know how they might connect. Its easy just to push feelings down until you can’t anymore but learning to embrace them is the best step towards using them to communicate. 

Learn to be in tune with God. Listen for his prompting. He won’t lead you astray and He will never put you in a situation without providing what is needed. With this in mind walk into these situations with confidence, not fear. Your words contain the Lord’s power and can impact lives. Live like it.

Keep your eyes on God alone. Don’t allow them to stay on things of this world because that is where you can get lost. Your actions and words are meant to support and grow the kingdom of God not your own Earthly home. If you keep looking at Him you will learn and grow and live beyond what your earthly mind can even imagine.

 Remember the reason. 


Your Future Self



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