Why I Love Going to Church By Myself

Don’t get me wrong I love taking people to church. I typically drive every Sunday from my school with a couple of people. I’m not discrediting those times but every once in a while I absolutely love going to church by myself.

I get to walk to my car with the Lord and He alone. I am prepping for the full day of worship, socializing, grocery shopping and homework to come. {Whoever thought to assign everything to be due on Sunday obviously didn’t get the memo of rest.} This means my mood and emotions are mine and are not influenced by others. Their issues or past days events aren’t being reevaluated on my walk to the car. The radio is within my control and I am allowed to speak, dance or sing as loud as I want.

I park without others direction and say “Good Morning” to the greeters as I take the church bulletin. Only when I go to church by myself do I get to choose where I sit in service and I love every second of it. I sit in the back row. No one on either side of me. Just me and God.

I absolutely adore worship and hands down it is my favorite part of any service so I sing with no reserve arms spread wide, rocking my body with the tempo. Theres just something about being surrounded by strangers that encourages freedom. I speak and focus just on Him through it all. No distractions. 

Knowing I have this freedom I choose to do something that shows the Lord I am enjoying His presence that day. This typically includes a short drive to one of the many coffee shops along Central right after service. I park the car (probably take some pictures) walk into the packed coffee shop, order a parfait and pray for a seat to open up. This part is where I get a little awkward. My little decrease in confidence is apparent typically but today there was an end spot on the bench open. 

I sit, wait on the parfait and enjoy my Coffee date with my best friend. I read His letter and I write in my journal. These quiet moments are my times of reflection. Reflection of Him, of what He had been doing in me and, mainly, where I am falling short. Within these moments of unrestricted time with Christ I enter into a sense of vulnerability because I know within this busy little shop, Jesus is sitting right in front of me, listening. He is always there but my awareness is at its highest when there aren’t any distractions. Just me and Him.

How often do you have just you & Him time? 



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