John 1:1-5

[I recently wrote my first spoken word piece and fell in love with it so I decided to share.] 

John 1:1-5
We seek the Scripture to teach us
to learn from past events and to reach us
through the hands of time it calls
speaking truth into us all

In the Beginning
Wait flash back to Genesis 1:1
Where God’s first work was done
but here they are linking it to God’s action
when He sent His Son and got a reaction
he died for us and our sins so that we can live again
but it all began in the beginning.

In the Beginning

When God existed with no other and decided to make our each other
He created all things with His power
Demonstrating his love through every hour
Shining His light in the darkness for all to see
so we can seek the one who first seeked.


a tangible representation of Jesus
expressing the thoughts of the Father through the Spirit
using His people to spread the wave
crashing peoples sins into the grave
God’s intentions are made clear
when He breathes life into this world so anyone near
can understand His Love for us, which is never unclear
but sometimes we need reminders

Its clear the point John is trying to make
reminding us of God’s power and his lack of mistakes
His identity is made clear through His Creation
He is God, He is perfect
He made you and me to walk the Earth
showing His identity across the world
But we can’t do that if we don’t know
Which is why he reminded us so

Application wise we must remember
Who God is so we can continue
shining His light for all to see
demonstrating His love to spread across seas
Our chains are broken we have been set free
Its our job now to shine Gods light for all to see



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