Page Three: It’s the (5.18.2017)


It’s the..
tile floor in the kitchen
and the concrete everywhere else
It’s the shoes by the door
And the simpleness of life

It’s the probability of a cold shower
And the broken toilet seat
Held together by duck tape

It’s crawling into bed at night with dirty feet
And sleeping until the sun wakes you up
And you know the snooze button won’t work here
It’s understanding their daily living
And how it is so drastically different then ours
Yet so so beautiful

It’s about the various modes of public transportation
That always include a man trying to swindle you for more money
It’s the bumpy roads and lack of speed limits
It’s the beauty of the wind and the glimpse of life you get on the drive

It’s the no fridge, can live without attitude
And the pursuing of their customs
To connect with them

More than all of that it’s the realization that
Though everything is different
The people are the same
They sin and love and eat and sleep
And there is so much beauty in this
Because it’s understanding
You aren’t that different after all.



I wrote this during my second day in Uganda. It was after the anxieties were gone and after the lesson of community was grasped. I sat on the couch in the living room taking everything in & it reminded me of my first international love, the Philippines. I was having flash backs to the hard beginning I endured, the one ridden with comparison, then the moment of clarity, where my love originated. Where I understood the great need of the world, the things you can’t understand without seeing it with your own eyes. After that flashback I reflected on India, which was the hardest two months of my life, just still eye opening. But of those two trips, and now in Africa, there are things that are the same in all three places that I fell in love with.

The dirty feet, and the simple life,

but most of all,

in every place,

it’s the people.



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