PAGE SIX: MOTHER’S DAY (5.23.2017)

The women sang
And they danced
They screamed for joy
As they gathered in a safe place.

So my friend started a ministry within an Uganda slum called Uniquely Woven. They meet on Tuesdays for fellowship and then the team goes on Thursday to do home visits. So my first Tuesday I got to experience an open room full of moms coming together and being celebrated. 

Mother’s Day is a day of recognition. A time to share in the celebration of Moms everywhere who deserve a day to be seen as more than their actions but as their sacrifices. In the States it is a day of pampering but there, these women aren’t often recognized for their day to day actions or the love that they do their best to express.

Mother’s Day was a blessing to witness. The moms were told that God values them and their gender doesn’t change a thing. They were told that they were worth celebrating. That the word strong doesn’t even begin to describe them. 

Before it began I just sat on the back row and looked at what God was doing, where He was moving. I could see Him within this place. Take a culture that says women are less than, that their purpose is to serve. They are expected to cook, clean, make babies, and raise them too. And many of these moms are doing that alone & add in a Jesus and His love and you see something so beautiful. 

Worship was probably my favorite part. Don’t get me wrong, some of these women are here to get something, but some were there to receive truth. Worship in Africa can be described as vibrant. It’s full of life, laughter, shouting and dancing. It’s full expression with no fear of others thoughts. When a song was sung specifically for moms, a Jaja (grandparent) came in who is so short and wrinkled and full of life you can’t help but weep from the sight. As soon as she started dancing around and jumping your heart would have caved in too. They are perfect examples of unrestrained worship. 

We got to feed them a feast but we had so many moms we ran out of plates! We had to wait and wash the plates when they were done then serve some more. On their way out they received a healthcare gift and everyone was very excited. 

In the end the moms left happy, hands full, 6 gave their lives to Christ, and hopefully with a tiny bit of understanding of Gods love. It is beyond amazing seeing God’s hand at work & His presence in those with willing hearts to serve. 

Learn more Here // Uniquely Woven



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