Let’s Dwell on Psalms 51

Sometimes we get so busy running through the motions of our everyday life we forget to slow down. When in my Christian Character Formation class my professor made us stop for twenty minutes and dwell on Psalms 51. We had time to just sit, read and meditate. Sometimes we brush our sins into the bin of forgiveness without feeling the full emotions of Jesus’ actions. 

So go sit, read, pray and dwell in the truth of our beautiful Father. 

Step 1.

Read Psalms 51 a few times. Look at it with fresh eyes. Try different versions.

Step 2.

Think about David & His words. How do you connect with him in this moment of reaching out to God?

Step 3.

Think about yourself, your sins, your human flesh that doesn’t always obey the Spirit. Be open for conviction.

Step 4.

Meet God at the Cross.
& understand this:

You are forgiven.



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