How to DATE your friends

Intentionality is s p e l l e d out when two people are in a romantic relationship but sometimes we forget that our close friends need those private intimate moments too. 

It’s crazy that we so often neglect some of the most important people in our lives, who we don’t think need intentionality until problems are faced as comes in every relationship. 

As we get to know people, we get to know people. Meaning they open up and we open up. Vulnerability comes more naturally and then crises occur and you turn to the ones you trust most, the ones who show up because of love. 

So here is your reminder to love them and love them well for they are a gift and so are you. 

A few tricks of the trade to come up with the perfect d a t e ideas for your friends. 

1. Know their love language
– and work hard to tell them you love them, in it, even when it’s your lowest one. 

2. Remember your good memories together
– what made them special? How can you take a few aspects and recreate them? Was it just you guys on a coffee date no distractions? Was it adventure? Was it movie night?

3. Show them you are appreciative of them
– give flowers, write a card, hand deliver chocolates. These may be the most stereotypical “date” gifts but guess what, it’s because girls like them. 

4. Plan a date
– this is something I’ve been working on since I’m back at school. How can I be intentional with my friends? What would they want to do while we caught up?

5. Be creative!
– don’t limit yourself with your circumstances. So you don’t have a car, rent one for a few hours. So you don’t have money, pack a picnic and go to the park. So they don’t like the outdoors, make your living  room special with decorations. 

6. Appreciate them
– for when they show up even if it’s hard, when they listen with no words, when they cry with you, and struggle with you, and get irritated with you but show up again anyway. They need to know you love them in an intentional way because that builds relationships and those last far longer than anything else in this world. 

Just remember that we need people and yours are a gift, love them well. 



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