All Booked // September 2017

I love to read so I decided monthly recap posts would be the best to share this. I often read a mixture of genres mainly young adult and Christian books so be on the lookout for these posts!


Honestly this month has been a really light reading month. With moving back to GCU, changing seasons, and adapting back to school, unfortunately, books have taken a back seat. I know, it is sad. These are the handful I did read..

Dangerous Territory // Amy Peterson

THIS BOOK WAS SO GOOD. If you are in anyway interested in out of country missions this book has some really good insights. This is a memoir about a girl who graduated college and moved to Asia as a teacher in a tough culture. She shared her heart and changes through her time there and how God worked and revealed truths about mission work.

She addresses so many important topics that I have been recently encountering like the term “missionary” and how important our mindset is in traveling out of America. 

It also includes some insight into her love story and her walk with God. Overall awesome read with a lot of recommended reads to further dive into the mission world! 100% recommend!

Legend // Marie Lu

This is a dystopian novel by a very well known young adult author. The first in series about two main characters, Day and June, who are different sides of the governmental battle. June is hunting Day down because he killed her brother and plot continues. I didn’t think this was an amazing novel, I would give it a 2.5 out of 5 stars. But if you enjoy books like the Hunger Games or The Giver you would probably enjoy this one.

Life of the Beloved // Henri Nouwen

If you’ve never read anything by Henri Nouwen you should go change that. I first read two years ago his book called In the Name of Jesus (Buy it Here) which I HIGHLY recommend. It isn’t long at all and I have almost every line underlined in my copy.

Life of the Beloved is all about his time interacting with a Jewish friend. With these two views of God being different yet rooted in similar places, he wrote this book to address the commonality of the two. With it being a short read and conversational style, it doesn’t take much commitment BUT you can get so much from it. He just shares God in a unique way that will leave you craving more of Him. 

Looking for Lovely // Annie F. Downs

GUYS. I absolutely love this woman. Her writing style is more of an essay style so if you don’t dig that, don’t try it. She is honestly one of my favorite people. She just shares truth. Truth about herself, her relationship with God and how hard it can be finding the beauty in the daily. She shares struggles about her weight and her never ending singleness with just a lot of openness most people don’t achieve. This specific book was on finding the lovely that transforms our lives from the inside out. By battling the lies in our heads, fighting to finish and seeing God we can find more joy. 

Also if you’ve never read Let’s All Be Brave, you should. Here is the Link.

Like I said this was a light reading month. I am currently reading Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst and it is so good I can’t wait to share about it next month. What are you reading, I seriously want to know!



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