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I was trying to think of ways to share how I stay inspired and Instagram is one of those ways! I can just look through my feed and feel the creative energies flow! 

These five accounts are my b a s i c s. 

I usually don’t fall asleep until after I have watch these people’s Instagram stories every night, no shame.

On the blog tonight: ways to donate time & energy after Hurricane Harvey (link in profile). . Watching the news after Hurricane Harvey hit has been a really difficult experience. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone impacted by the hurricane. To my readers who call Houston and other parts of Texas home, I love you. . People are displaced. Homes are ruined. There will be millions of hours of rebuilding in the days to come. The crisis is far from over. It can be hard to figure out how to step out and help after a natural disaster like Harvey. The best thing we can do right now to support people impacted by the hurricane is to donate to credible organizations who are also close to the communities most affected. It’s easy to be intimidated by such large organizations. You are left feeling like you don’t have much to give but I promise you, every little bit counts.

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If you know me you’ve probably asked me why I am so obsessed with her. I can’t help it, she is just so open about her life, God, depression and the writing process. Check out her blog and her book, If You Find This Letter

How can you not already love that face? This girl inspires me so much by her honesty of working multiple jobs to follow her dreams and passions. She performs spoken word, check out her CD, and she writes poetry (published too!) Here are some of her videos!

Today we are hosting our first international video workshop, and we couldn't be more excited! ❤️📽 #somewheredevineworkshop

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They travel WITH their two youngins! Literally I can’t help but love them so so much. They travel to the coolest places and are videographers, check out their Youtube channel too! (Here!) 

This family lived in Africa while trying to adopt two kiddos and now they live in America in an RV. Literally. The. Dream. Check them out, they have such a cool God story!

Straightened my hair for the first time in 4 months. I miss my short curls. Sneezed 15 times today. Wish me luck in my classes.

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I know this one and she is awesome. She loves Jesus, beards, asking other people to buy her food & her fiancee. Her writing is on point and she genuinely loves telling other people’s stories.


Those are my main obsessions of Instagram! Go Forth, Be Inspired & Inspire.



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