Let’s Encourage.

Getting back to school for this one semester has brought up a lot of emotions and questions. I have one foot in GCU and the other out. I don’t want to try building more community, but establish and enjoy the community I have already built here. Everyone is in different seasons with graduation looming in the very near future. So I have been looking for a little purpose in my last semester. 

After five weeks of class and the recognition of patterns of people in my life, I have decided that I am here to encourage. While we are always called to encourage others, I just feel like that is my focus as my time here closes. So new relationships and old ones have come up where I can see this playing a role. 

It takes intention to encourage and actually deeply encourage. Sure we can say a phrase while passing people by but we can always use what we know about someone to hit them deep. I’ve been brainstorming and looking for needs within people that I can encourage people in.

This can be a challenge but so worth the effort to make someone’s day or address an aspect of someone we can lift them in.

As I navigate this odd place, I needed a daily reminder so I made a wallpaper to help me keep my focus! I decided to share it so by all means, share away!

Download the wallpaper below! 





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