10 Ways to Bring Fall into Your Life

It is currently 90 degrees here in Phoenix and my mom keeps sending me photos of fall in Georgia and I am dying. Literally, I can’t take it anymore. So I decided to make a list of ten ways I am bringing fall into my Phoenix life right now.

1. Pin Autumn into existence. 

I feel really basic saying this but I totally have a detailed autumn on Pinterest that is housing all my current dreams of leaves, cooler weather and sweaters. I am going to take live in that for a bit. (Here is the LINK if you are interested in inspiration: I pinned some awesome DIY’s!)

2. Make Taco Soup

This is such a staple in my house that every time I make it, it brings all the fall feels. Here is my really easy and cheap recipe! // RECIPE

3. Buy the Blanket

I know this sounds weird but I went to Walmart and bought this really soft plaid blanket. It just adds some needed fall touches to my room & brings me joy. + it was only $8! // BLANKET (I couldn’t find the exact blanket online but this is the listing just not the color, you can probably find it easier in store!)

4. Make Apple Cider

This is my absolute favorite drink (besides hot chocolate) and it brings me so much joy to drink it from a fall mug. 

5. Make Pumpkin Pancakes

I know I already gave the taco soup recipe but our lives revolve around meals and you can’t pass these pancakes up! I had some friend over recently and these are the ones we had! // PUMPKIN PANCAKES (or for a gluten free option Trader Joes has a mix that is good!)

6. Add Some Leaves

Since Phoenix is bare I bought these fake leaves at Joann’s for 50 cents and I used clothes pins to add them to my lights above my bed. They are perfect and tie in with the blanket!

7. Buy a Pumpkin

For a few bucks grab a real mini pumpkin for Walmart or even a fake one from the dollar store. I love how creative people get with Pumpkins and Hand lettering. Here is a few of my favorites!

8. Light the Candles

I would be surprised is you don’t own a fall scented candle. Pumpkin Spice, Vanilla or anything Bath and Body Works will do. (I hosted a craft night last week in my dorm and we made candles. DIY coming soon!)

9. Wear the Slippers/Socks

I love my wintery house wears and when I pull them out I instantly feel cozy. So I turn the temperature down in my apartment and pull on a sweater and my slippers and I am set. 

10. Watch a Fall Movie

This is where pretty much everything comes together. Put on the socks, grab the plaid blanket, warm up the taco soup, light the candles, invite some friends over and watch a movie. A few classics are When Harry Met Sally, You’ve Got Mail, Love Story, Dead Poets Society and Harry Potter.

If you are one of the lucky ones who are experiencing the pureness of fall right now, disregard this post & count your blessings! 

What puts you in the fall mood?




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