Created Story & Poem

SO I made T-shirts

Last year within my dorm room I would host craft nights. It gave me the chance to intentionally love on them and be present in their lives. I called them Created. This comes from the fact that God created me and now I get to give back and create for Him.

This semester I was needing an outlet to use some creative energy and I also wanted to share my passion with other people and that’s how I started making the Tees! I decided to hand embroider each with the word created on these super soft tri-blend black tees!

To go deeper into the word created I wrote this poem that fully explains my intended purpose behind these tees! The poem is also available in an 8×10 print in the shop!




I was created

woven together with dignity and grace,
with a need for love and the chance to change.
I was made with purpose. My actions, my words, 
my need to make a difference, I was formed
delicately interlacing these gifts together. I was created
to create. To make a future, to forgive the past, to see
opportunities and not let them pass. I hold power to step
forward with courage, to be real in a world that says “not enough”.
I can let my fears drown so they stop holding me down. 
I can choose my identity and reject the ones others place
on me. I can celebrate everyday
because it is a new chance to
grow in any way.

I am what I make of me
what I create me to be
simply because

I was created.






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