The Power of Routine in a Season of Change

Change. The little word that means so much. The positive or negative experiences that we have had with that word just impact us. We are either overwhelmed with peace or anxiety. Change is moving to college. Change is understanding sometimes friends move into a different season without you. Change is the understanding that things will never be the same again. 

Sometimes this hurts. We let our fears run in and overcome our emotions. What ifs are played like a movie in our minds showing us all the possible horrible outcomes that could occur. 

Sometimes it heals. A new fresh start without baggage in relationships or at work. It can mean new possibilities for growth and to push us outside our comfort zones. In this place our minds are screaming “Let’s do this.”

These are all concepts of the before. Before the move, before the new. Once we actually get into that new house in our own room we weep from loneliness. We stride with sadness because it isn’t good yet. We haven’t made new friends yet. We haven’t plugged into church yet. We haven’t found our FAV coffee shop yet where we spend hours enveloped in the atmosphere. 

All of this takes a whole lot of effort. None of this just comes knocking at our doorstep, we must seek it. This takes energy. In those moments where we lack the vision of beauty in that place yet, we fall back on what we know.

For me this is routine.

It’s the call to mom. I always call her when craziness is ensuing because she knows me deeply. She reassures me.

It’s the lavender oil I put on my neck and in my diffuser before I go to bed. It’s calming and “normal”. The lights reassure me.

It’s the daily quiet time with God. He doesn’t change, ever. Consistency is great with Him.

It’s the journal that I always write in. If anything I use this way more in these situations because I have much more to process.

These, we can fall back on.

I encourage you to do a few things everyday. Simple, not time consuming. This season of change is hard but you can grasp a piece of normalcy until you discover your new normal. I know you can do it, I believe in you.

What are your routines you grasp ahold of amidst changes?



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