DIY // Paint Hanger

I get a TON of questions about this piece in my bedroom so I decided to share the EXTREMELY simple way to make it!

Step 1. Go to Home Depot to Get Supplies

I know, crazy right? No one ever yells out “Home Depot trip, who wants to come?” but I promise it isn’t as scary as it seems.

Get Wood.

Look for the lumber section, then walk around looking for a piece that is about the size you want in the space. Also make sure it is long enough for the paints to hang. Mine is 1 in. x 4 in. x 3-1/4 ft (here is the digital listing) It should be only a couple of dollars, yay affordability! 

Just be aware with paint this can be heavy on the wall so don’t get the wood that is too big!

Get Wood Stain.

So you are already in Home Depot now you get to buy the stain. This is optional so it depends on the look you are going for! This is the specific one I own & it doesn’t take much (Link). Know that the stain STAINS, meaning wear gloves or your fingers will be red for two weeks. 

Get Sand Paper.

This isn’t necessary but it can make the process of staining the wood a lot faster!

Get Nails.

Just grab some that look like they will stick out enough you can hang the paints without going all the way through the wood.

Make sure you have a Hammer.

If not, buy one. You should really have one. 

Step 2. Actually Stain the Wood

Set up the work station preferably outside because it smells STRONG.
– Put on gloves.
– Sand down wood.
– Shake stain container & open.
– Use cloth or large paintbrush to apply.
– Know the color will change as it drys & apply with the grain of the wood.
– Let dry for a while.

Step 3. Nail some Nails

You are literally almost done. Now take something with a straight edge and mark the spots where you will nail. Make sure it leaves the paint enough room to hang down. Now take a hammer and hit the nails into place.

Step 4. Hang on Wall

This can be the most difficult part. What I personally used were 3m strips with velcro made specifically for heavy weighted hangings. So now you hang it.

Step 5. Hang the Paints

I personally used silver binder clips and hung them up but you can get creative here. So many options.

Step 6. Take Pictures & Show People What You Made

Throw a party or, better yet, use the paints. Enjoy your easily accessible creativity station. 

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