How to Make Candles

I’ve been hosting craft nights in my dorm rooms for almost a year now & I find so much joy in having girls over and making things! For this month’s I chose a slightly more costly craft but it was still super fun! 

When looking for a craft for October I decided to really dive into the basic fall theme so we made fall scented candles!


Blocked Wax // I bought mine from Michaels with a coupon!
– Grater // Bought from the Dollar Store
– Large Microwavable Bowl
Scents // Cheaper online than in a Craft Store!
– Jar // any container works!
– Wooden Spoon to stir

How much is needed?

The rule is 1 lb of wax to 1 oz of scent. So I used 8 oz jars I bought from Walmart in a 12 pack. For each of these I needed 1/3 lb of wax (which was already seperated for me) & 1/3 oz of scent (which is equivalent to 2 Tablespoons). At craft night we used Pumpkin Spice, Vanilla & Peppermint. Each one smelled amazing!

Step 1. Glue the Wick in Place

THESE wicks that I bought from Amazon came with stickies to place the wicks in the bottom of the jar. Using hot glue works too! This just ensures the wick stays where it needs to when you poor the wax in. 

Step 2. Shred Your Wax

I bought my wax from Michaels in the bulk pack so each pound was separated in thirds which fills one 8 oz. container! By shredding the wax (using a shredder from the dollar store) it allows the wax to melt way faster in the microwave!

Step 3. Microwave the Wax

This step will depend on the microwave you are using but mine took 4 minutes in the microwave. Make sure it is completely melted! 

Step 4. Add in the scents

Just for reference 1 oz of scent = 1 lb. of wax. So if you are just making one 1/3 lb of wax for an 8 oz candle then use two Tablespoons of the scent.  This makes the candle’s scnet not too strong but strong enough to smell! Just stir in the scent for a minute to make sure it is fully mixed then pour into the Jar!

***Tip: Don’t buy scents from Michaels because they are WAY over priced. It was worth buying mine from an online retailer because it saves me so much money! I Recommend this online company!***

Step 5. Keep the Wick Straight Up

I don’t have a picture of this but I just set a pin on top of the candle and taped the wick to it. This kept the wick in the middle as the candle hardened.

It will take your candles a full 24 hours to harden completely! Don’t be fooled by the way it looks, in it’s center it isn’t hardened yet. Also after 24 hours just clip the wick down to a 1/4 of an inch & it is ready!

Step 6. Decorate! 

This depends on your style and the purpose of your candles but I used twin the wrap around the candle. You can always make little cards then hole punch them and tie them to the candles for gifts! Yay cheap Christmas presents!

BEWARE: the wax can be difficult to clean up but just use a rag and through it away after!

These are so cute and can add a cozy touch to any room or can be given away as cute gifts! Anything handmade always wins some brownie points! 

Go & Make!



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