Let’s turn Comparison to Inspiration

Hi, can I talk about myself for a second?

I love to create & I mean LOVE to create. If there is anything is this world that brings me joy it is creating something, making a project or changing something to make it a little more expressive. With this being said it is who I am. Through college I have learned to share this with other people through different avenues. One of the main ways is through hosting craft nights (how to coming soon) and inviting people into my space. Now my space (tour here) has been created over my FOUR years being here at school, it didn’t just come together over night. I made the most of the things in my room, patiently thrifted then, on occasion, spent some money. 

I say all this because I want you to know it took time. My room was work & I had to try a billion different things to get here and now I love my space. When I make projects I love to share them but then you don’t see the five failures I experienced to get to the one good one. Sometimes people come in here and start saying things like “I wish my room looked like this” or at craft night “I’m just not creative like you”. 

Hon, I don’t want you to be like me. I want you to be like you. I am creative, yes, but you are gifted in other ways. Sure I can see something and know three different ways to make it myself but maybe you can see the beauty in people even through the hurt. Maybe you can publicly speak without getting nervous. Maybe you are really smart. Maybe you are an AMAZING dancer. Maybe you are a giver. Maybe you are a mother to all. Insert personal skills here.

Please don’t let me hold you back. Please don’t let other people hold you back. Please don’t see my current life stage then compare it to your own. I didn’t just appear here, I worked. I worked hard. Other people are working hard too.

Comparison is something we struggle with as a culture. We scroll through Instagram at people’s curated lives and become jealous. We see that vacation your friend went on and you think “wow, I wish I could just pay my bills”. We hear stories and wish ourselves into the adventure. 

We have to stop doing that. I don’t like being compared to. I am not perfect nor am I even close. I am not worthy enough to be a reason you put yourself down.

I really believe comparison begins with a lack of comfort in ourselves. A lack of love for ourselves. Whether it’s our body shape, our lack of ability to make an A, our lack of a job or even a significant other. Because we aren’t settled into ourselves we begin comparing & dreaming of life wishing it to be a different way. 

We need to stop comparing and begin cultivating inspiration. 

A person who is comfortable in themselves can see another girls outfit and think “wow she is beautiful, I love her outfit. I wonder what pieces I can pull together to imitate it” not “I wish I looked like her”. Self love is empowering. It enables us to live our best selves that opens so many doors. It’s the choice to see the imperfections and think “that makes me uniquely me”. It also allows God more access to use us.

Inspiration is powerful, it brings about change. Change is good when the priority is pure. When the priority is pure, a boost of personal health should be the end result. 

I’ve been talking to my people lately and assuring them they are amazing just the way they are. They don’t need to be like anyone else, just themselves, that is where the true beauty happens. 

You are enough just the way you are. You are beautiful if you eat too many cookies or if you don’t. You are fully capable. 

You are able to change the world. 

Without changing anything these answers won’t get us anywhere.
Here is your action plan.

Ways to turn comparison to inspiration:

Pinpoint the triggers. What is causing comparison? Photos on insta? A friend? Let’s figure out what is causing you to compare yourself.

That trigger means something. It hints at the core of the issue, an internal lack of confidence. A lack of love for self. A need for control. What is the root?

Let’s combat that root with truth. I don’t believe in sticking a verse on it like a bandaid and walking away. That solves nothing but learning promises and truths of Scripture about us then deciding to believe them, those change lives. 

Place the truth as close to the triggers as you possibly can. Seeing that friend today? Make a wallpaper for your phone and look at it to remind you of the truth. Make a list of your strengths then learn to recognize them in yourself. Set goals, achieve and celebrate. This you can get creative with! If you need any pointers contact me!

Comparison can be turned into healthy inspiration, it is possible. We are capable of changing our thoughts, they don’t control us. Let’s see that fitness guru and think “I want to be more healthy” NOT I want to be skinny. Let’s see our strengths and lean into them. Let’s become more comfortable in ourselves because that will not only change us but it can inspire those around us.

Lets do this together. 



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