You need more Affirmations in your Life

Let’s talk about lies. 

These I’ve been working on fighting. They are in deep, my friend, and some days I don’t think I will ever fully leave them behind. Even when I conquer one, another comes back. They just feed on one another forming relationships in my head then choose to stay even when I say “Get out.” 

We may wake up in the morning feeling the full weight of them. They were prepared to defeat us from the beginning. Their sole purpose is to hold us back from our day’s goals and God’s goals for us. 

Then through the day they are fueled by mistakes. I say the wrong thing or do the wrong thing and those lies become truth to me. My momentary weakness becomes a solidified definition of my identity.

The worst is when they disguise themselves as truths. They play roles in our lives we didn’t assign them then they just mixed in with the rest of the cast. Their disguises mask them through our own insecurities and internal struggles. Then we become so comfortable with them we miss the fact that they are lies.

How do we face these horrible little problems when we’ve struggled with them for so long. Friend or foe the line is blurred at this point. 

We can fight them. It takes a lot of work and dedication and determination and some help, but we can fight them.

I made this print for myself but maybe you could use it today too. 

Go breathe in affirmations today.



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