6 diy Friend Gifts

With Christmas season coming and so many gifts to buy there just isn’t enough money to go around. Trust me friend, I get it. So here I put together 6 different DIY presents for the besties in your life. I have used all of these and love giving them with personal touches based on the friend.

1. Why I Love You Jar

This is one of my favorite gift ideas. Grab a jar, wrap twine around it, write a note on it saying “This is why I love you”. Inside you are just going to take paper (can be colorful or just copy paper!) and write down a ton of reasons you love your friend! These can be specific or broad, mix it up! I guarantee your friend will feel loved as she reads the little notes about herself!

2. Spa Kit

A basic girl gift, I know, but really you can’t go wrong. What girl doesn’t need an excuse to take a night off, relax and watch a romantic movie? A few items to include are:

Fuzzy Socks (These are fun from Target)
A bath bomb (Here is a cheap option)
Face Mask (A whole bottle for $4 dollars!)
Chap Stick (Gotta love EOS)
Favorite Chocolate Treat (THESE ARE THE BEST)
Romantic Movie (So many options like Pride & Prejudice, The Princess Bride or Grease)

Bundle em all up in a fun basket or bag & you are set!

3. Dream Journal

This is one of my favorites. My dad actually gave me a dream journal so I can write down all that I want to accomplish in my life. All you need is a journal, a pen and to write an encouraging note in the front cover. Explain what the journal is for and that you want them to accomplish those big dreams they have. Here are some of my favorite Journal options!

Soar Journal
Leather Wrap Journal
Dreams & Schemes Journal
Kraft Moleskine Notebooks


4. An Encouraging Children’s Book 

This is a more creative gift. I absolutely love children’s books and there are so many amazing encouraging books that apply to adults too. Think about your friend. Who are they? What do they love? How do they need to be encouraged?

Tell them they can do great things with Oh the Places you will Go
Remind them you love them with Wherever You Are: My Love Will Find You
Encourage them to not be limited with The Dot
Inspire them to be a Happy Dreamer

I promise it will be something they keep for a long time. Don’t forget the note inside!

5. A Memory Book

I recently made this as a DIY present for my best friend. I told our entire relationship story up until this point in time through photos and other little add ons like stickers from our favorite coffee shop and tickets. I also hand wrote a lot of stories and little notes throughout the pages. This is a treasure they will keep!

You can hand make one using just copy paper and printed photos or you can put one together digitally!

If going the digital route check out Artifact Uprising

6. Jewelry With a Meaning

And finally another girl favorite, jewelry. Here are three different types of jewelry pieces you can hand make purposefully for your close friend!

– We are taking it back to summer camp days with old school friendship bracelets. Yes I mean the bracelets made from thread bought in 50 packs from Walmart! These can be fun to make and give because you took the time to make it for them special. // Here is an awesome basic tutorial if you need a refresher!

– For a more store bought option just run to your local craft store then grab a chain and a locket. Use needle nose pliers to put them together and add pictures inside! Here is a great tutorial!

– Or you can buy something from the store and add meaning in a different way. You can value to the heart necklace by telling her it’s a reminder of how much you love her. Or choose something she loves to show how well you know her. Make sure you write it down on a note with the gift!


What do you tipically gift your close friends? Answer in the comments below!



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