Where do we find answers?

I hate choices. You know what my absolute least favorite question is? Can you guess?

“Where do you want to eat?”

Hands down, bullets fired, this will lead us nowhere. The peacemaker, conflict avoider in me crawls out and asks “Well where do you want to eat?” And man it just goes downhill from there, far far down. If it’s a good day we come up with a place in the first 5 minutes, if not I will be too far into starvation which leads to “I’ll take fries and dessert please!”

Some label me indecisive and I guess that’s true but I like to claim the title “flexible”.

How often do we claim this label with things we shouldn’t be? How often do we just let things slide because of what’s happening in the world, the culture we are in, or the people we are around. How often do we sacrifice our relationship with God for passiveness?

Do you think I am being dramatic? How can our passive choices lead to separation from God?

Another question to ask is how important do you think righteousness is?

Righteousness is right acting. It’s the choices that we make daily that lead to results or consequences in our lives. It can be the choice to do what’s right like giving back that dollar or serving others when we don’t want to with a right attitude. It can look like choosing to avoid that racy movie at the theater with your friends or choosing not to talk about the new girl at school. And yes the small choices we make do fall into the righteousness category.

Righteousness bridges the gap between us and God. Yes the cross made a way for us to cross but daily we choose to walk over and visit or not. We choose to sit at In N Out with God and over fries talk about the day’s events or we choose to sit at our own booth in oblivion of what we could have enjoyed with Him.

Those small right/wrong choices we tossed aside as unimportant can lead us into a place of holiness and favor or to a place of loneliness and striving. 

Right now I am learning about righteousness, can you tell? But it’s hard for me to grasp this spiritual word because I don’t even truly know what righteousness even looks like. 

This month was the Passion conference and Priscilla Shrier spoke (MAN WHAT A POWERFUL WOMAN) and she just briefly touched on putting on the armor of God to fight these battles we are so obviously surrounded with. She spoke about prayer, then briefly, on the breastplate of righteousness. Ephesians 6:4 says “Stand therefore, having fastened on the belt of truth, and having put on the breastplate of righteousness.” Her passion was contagious. She broke down the fact that the breastplate protects our most important part of the body, the heart. Everything stems from the heart so why do we so often leave it unprotected by choosing the wrong way of living?

When we decide to partake in things we aren’t called to, we are missing out on things. We are missing out on joy, close communion with God, future blessings and ultimately denying God’s love.

So this is what I ask, what are you in need of?

Direction in your life?
Closer relationship with God? 
Wisdom about a difficult situation or friendship?
Clarity of the truth?

I am learning that righteousness is the path to answers. Those small decisions we made today can lead us on different paths. Choosing daily to follow God’s guidelines, however hard they may be, ultimately leads us to the things we most desire even though it may come in different ways.

I am absolutely not saying it’s anywhere near easy. I am not saying everyday is a good day and I am not saying there is only one ‘righteous’ path a perosn can take. But when we choose to acknowledge that how we live matters, the decisions we make do make a difference, we learn to see the results. We reap the blessings in different ways.

I believe awareness goes a long way and this, this is my recogniction of it’s power so now we work for it.



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