Who is God?// Free Five Minute Bible Reading Plan


It is lovely to meet you and I am so excited to be sharing this with the world.

You see this is what I believe. I believe God has been misidentified in this generation. I believe we see Him through our jaded eyes impacted by our childhood, our circumstances and our emotions. I know for a fact we all put Him in a box and label the cover to be dealt with later.

Well it’s later. This is your opportunity to put it all aside and learn. Just simply read the scripture then maybe reflect on what it said. Answer the simple questions. This is all about discovery.

I made a 30 day Bible reading plan. It’s easy peasy. Read one scripture. Answer the two questions. That’s it. I wanted it to be simple. An easy tool to get to know who God is. 

So if your ready, click the button below and begin! I am excited for what you are going to learn!






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