Black Panther // Why It’s Worth Seeing

Fun fact Marvel’s newest release, Black Panther, is almost to 300 Million in sales and broke a lot of box office records already. With a long weekend, it’s predicted to make almost 85 million more in the next few days.

Is Black Panther worth all the hype? 

We all know Marvel has been killing the cinema scene for the past ten years and continues to grow as a franchise pleasing both comic book fans and simple movie goers alike. I’ve got to admit I have been a huge fan of their movies since I was younger and know A LOT about this fictions world. It was a dreamy place to escape too and it even opened the door to the previously male dominated market of comic books. I do own a small collection and can walk around a comic book store with confidence but it is still an awkward experience.

Ever since I watched Captain America: Civil War, where they originally introduced this new character, I have been excited about the new movie. I wasn’t the only one since this movie’s pre-sales beats every other movie besides Star Wars.

I knew it would be a door opening movie with a packed black cast which is answering the requests from many comic universe fans for more diversity in their films. Bring on the equality, both color and sex. Fingers crossed Black Widow will be the next to receive her own movie.

So walking into the full theater at 4 PM for this movie I was expecting a lot but I have to say it delivered more.

The plot of the movie revolved around T’Challa who is the new king of Wakanda, as revealed in Civil War because of his fathers death. He is being appointed king over a secret territory in Africa that has the world’s most advanced technology and an endless supply of Vibranium. This element is exactly what you are thinking it is what Captain America’s shield is made of. With the change of leadership some uprise is fighting for a new direction for their country. T’Challa relies on his little sister, the comic relief and genius when it comes to tech, mother, ex-girlfriend and general to address the threats both in and out of their territory. These women are warriors and this movie wasn’t afraid of female power.

The country has been trying to fight the same foe, Klaw, for thirty years who is working with a new enemy, Killmonger played by Michael B. Jordan. The writers of this movie not only made you hate the foes but understand them and their actions. This kind of character connection brings the viewer even closer into the experience making it all the more real.

BUT that is enough details! What I want to address is how this movie blends from the entertainment industry into cultural relevance. 

There are several internal struggles T’Challa faces when it comes to his country. One of the main issues that is tearing apart the people is their beliefs on staying hidden and protecting their home or reaching out, sharing their wealth and technology to the hurting world. I don’t know if this sounds familiar to you but it definitely hit home for me.

The decision comes down to questioning how to proceed. Continue with hypocrisy on their lips and oblivion in their minds or with actual action.

I am not saying they have it right or wrong but I do believe Marvel did a phenomenal job at addressing current issues. They are raising awareness of actual problems not just from imaginary realms of super heroes and villains. 

Another reason to see this movie is because it is CLEAN. I know right? Other than the expected violence and one moment where a bird is flipped this movie has ZERO sex scenes proving that those are not necessary for success. Another aspect of this movie that I believe rounded it up a star is the real use of inspiration from African culture. While it is unique and a made up location they used dances, dress, makeup and customs similar to those of different places in Africa. Also those digital effects, I mean WOW. 

So for both the challenging and entertaining reasons you should go see Black Panther. Honestly I’m going to go see it again in the next week simply because I want to experience it again. What are your thoughts of the movie? Let me know below!



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