A Weekend Away in Savannah

Life Update! I move to Ukraine this Friday (3/9) I know crazy right. Honestly, it doesn’t seem real but I’ll let you know my reaction when I step outside of the airport and see the snow. Next time I”l be shaking as I press the keys. 

Anyways my parents and I drove down to Savannah for the weekend to enjoy the city. It was my first time even though I had been wanting to go for a while! I LOVED San Francisco so much and I knew SCAD (Savannah College of Art & Design) was headquartered in Savannah so I’ve been waiting for a good time to go.

I’ve got to say it’s a dream of mine to live in a downtown city like that. I love the walking around, the unique aspect of community, the lovely squares, the old buildings and the history. I toured Flannery O’Connor’s childhood home and there were so many accurate historical aspects of the home that I loved like the original flooring and the little sunroom off to the small backyard. 

We did a trolley car tour which is DEFINITELY the way to do it. The guides are well informed and funny and you can hop on and off at any stop to see what museums or sites you want to. We walked around Forsyth Park and took the mandatory photos of the fountain. 

I love being reminded of history. Of how this person did this thing and so we ended up here where this happened that caused this. The crazy line of events that all had to happen so my parents could be here then have me and now I get to experience this place in this culture in this time.

Now I am the one in the driver’s seat making decisions and causing change to happen. I am experiencing today’s culture with the knowledge that everything will change with time. Now I have the power to impact other people’s lives for the better and be written down in the history books as a girl who did something. 

It was fun to hear the stories of people’s lives who wrote, built, worked, fished, created, finished, impacted and died. It was cool to see that maybe one day someone will be telling my stories to others. 

Before we drove out of town we had to back downtown one last time because we didn’t get the chance to go to Leopold’s Ice Cream shop that is ranked the fifth best in the world. If you know me you know one of my love languages is Ice Cream so I definitely left happy with that double scoop of thick Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. 

So if you ever stop in Savannah you have to //

1. Eat Seafood on River Street

2. Take the Trolley Tour around Town

3. Eat Ice Cream from Leopold’s

4. Walk around a few squares (Check out Madison Square)

5. Learn something about the history

Next post will be an update about moving across the world. See you then!



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