Let’s Take it Slow

Moving to a new country in which you don’t speak the native language or know how to do literally anything means it will take a bit to do the normal everyday tasks your use to doing without thought. I honestly feel like a child relearning how to do everything from count money to say basic phrases. Actually, I was in a kiosk today and this little kid was practicing counting and he went higher than I can. It is quite humbling and honestly not very fun.

So I have been here in Kharkiv for three weeks and I still feel overwhelmed. Yes, it’s normal and no I don’t regret my decision by any means. People keep asking me why? Why did you come to Ukraine of all places. I came here simply because God led me to. He put this weight on my heart for international missions then when I asked where to you moved me to Ukraine. 

You know how I know it was God? Because this was not on my list. I knew it might be an option but I thought “no way” I hate being cold and I don’t want to go there. Then God changed my heart and mind and here I am living in a country with snow on the ground. 

So far these are the ministries I will be doing //

When villages have women’s conferences/events I will go and speak or just serve. Women’s ministry is definitely on my heart!

On Saturday mornings I will go to a local group home where we will do various activities to love on the kids and tell them Jesus stories. Last week we taught them how to make a traditional Ukrainian dish (Okroshka) which is a cold soup. Yes, it is as weird as it sounds. 

On Saturday nights at 6:30 I will be leading a Conversational English Class taught from Scripture because in this culture a lot of people want to learn to speak English but most can’t afford it. We will use songs and stories to teach and serve the community.

The rest of the time I have no idea what I am doing. There are groups that meet for Bible study throughout the week I have been attending and there are other ministries being developed. I am still learning to do the little things.

It’s like God is whispering to me “let’s take it slow, one day at a time. Don’t worry about all the details of the future or even tomorrow.
Today, today you are enough.”

As a turtle who wishes to be a hare I must accept my pace and even embrace. I know when I allow myself to be molded by my loving Father growth will come in ways I am not expecting and it will prepare me for all that is to come.

What kind of speed is your life going right now? Do you need to change it or embrace it?




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