A Facelift

As you can tell my blog has experienced a facelift!

The story // 

Last fall, as I was getting ready to graduate from college, I hand stitched some t-shirts with the word Created on them. I sold these as a way to fundraise for my then upcoming move to Ukraine (where I now currently reside). I loved making those shirts but I especially loved the meaning behind them.

I believe that we were created to be creative. I believe God used a whole lot of creativity to shape and form this world. He hand knitted us together each so vastly different yet with a lot of purpose. I believe when we live with confidence in our identities as God’s beautiful creation we can change the world.

So now I want to live each day created. Confident in my Father and His guidance of my life. Strongly pursuing more creativity and real expression. I want my life to show who created me and who He created me to be.

Once we realize the true weight and depth of God’s love and his never ending sea of grace it changes us internally. We begin to live differently.

So I am planning more content to encourage people to live created. Make sure to sign up for the monthly pep talks & check back for more encouragement & inspiration! 

*** Note // right now my domain (www.ashleyjobruce.com) will remain the same since I have so many links in the internet world!

Also for a little more into Live Created’s story I wrote a poem and make it into a poster! It’s available for download below!



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