The 10 Rules to Live Created.

Living created is something I am learning to do. It’s a daily choice to be fully me, the one God designed me to be, to bring about amazing things in this world for the Lords glory. If that sounds boring to you, I think you need to rethink God’s character because of everything I’ve personally experienced He is NOT boring. 

SO I wanted to make a practical guide, a starting place if you will, of how to live created. These are my “rules” but take them with grace.

#1 Know God Created YOU to Live Created

None of this matters if you don’t fully grasp the truth of God’s love in making YOU, yes specifically you. He didn’t make us as a side project, He didn’t make us out of an ego driven desire & He didn’t make us from a lonely place. He made us so that we, and those we bring, can be with Him in heaven forever. Jeremiah 31:3 says “I have loved you with an everlasting love.” He formed us before we were born, He loved us before He made us, and He has a plan for us set about before ALL OF CREATION. 

#2 Rebuke the Lies

This world is full of a lot of dreamers and some doers. This place is a collection of purpose filled people not living out their purpose. This land is full of fearful people. Let me tell you something, lies have made their way from the liars lips to our ears into our brains & then, for some reason, we took them and put them in our hearts. We are living in so much fear we can’t tell the truth from the lies anymore. We stopped fighting the ultimate liar resulting in scared purpose filled people. 

The way to fight the lies is to take them one at a time. What doubt do you hear play in your head most often? One of inability, or unlovability? Then stop listening and search for the truth. Ask God, ask others, read the Bible. 

#3 Speak Truth

This is a rule for two reasons. One // You must SPEAK truth over the areas of your life that is filled with lies. It’s more necessary than you think. Speaking it aloud is one step closer to believing it for yourself. Two // Speaking truth to others can free them from the lies they are believing in their head that you can plainly see as false. Speaking truth over them can give them courage to fight those same lies. Isn’t freedom better with another?

#4 Be Brave

Stomp on the fear then step forward into the adventures of this world, it’s worth it. Its hard but Oh so worth it. 

#5 Spend Time with God

I will not get preachy here, I am just going to keep it simple. If you don’t make time to spend with God then I believe you’ve forgotten who He is. Try to remember then go meet Him, He is waiting patiently friend. 

#6 Stay Creative

This is simple, something we have lost in our new “busy” lives but it is OH so important. To stay creative means to simply be. You like to write? Then write. You like to paint? Then paint. You like to sew? Then sew. We are losing our gifts to the schedule when we should be worshipping by creating.

Also let’s not utter those words “I am not creative” because they are lies. If we were made in God’s image, you are creative because He was. Do you cook? You are creative. Do you manage people? You are creative. Creativity DOES NOT EQUAL ART. 

#7 Feed your Soul

This is definitely being buzzed about in society right now but it’s routed in the truth that we need rest. Our bodies and minds need rest from the world. So find what feeds your soul. Unplug and pursue it. 

#8 Pass Empowerment

Empowerment is the authority or power given to someone to do something. Empowerment is changing someones mind from “I can’t do this” to “I can & will”. We can pass this through teaching others skills we have or simply listening to their deepest dreams and voicing to them your belief in them.

#9 Be Weird

Simple. Be weird & stay weird. Don’t conform to the trends. DOn’t be afraid to be different. Different is good no matter what people say. It means you can impact the world in the most different way possible, so go do it.

#10 Find the Joy & Keep it

So much of this world will try to steal your joy but don’t let it. Protect yourself. Decide you are going to have a good day & I believe you will because you are looking for the good. It’s all in your hands.



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