What to do when Inspiration Strikes

I am a passion driven person. Let me tell you, I have more late nights with my computer in my lap (like this one) because something sparked in me and I just couldn’t let it go. It turned on everything in my body and now I can’t even dream of sleep, it just won’t come. 

So here I am, my mind running a million miles a minute, not wanting to slow down ready to get something done, what do I do?

Embrace it

Man these moment’s don’t always grace us with their presence (especially with that deadline looming, am I right?) so let’s take it in. Breathe in that fresh inspiration air. Let the thoughts run where they may. Let yourself be free in the passion it’s good for the soul. It’s a gift remember that.

Write it Down

You probably knew it was coming but grab one of those pretty journals and write this stuff down because no, you won’t remember. Trust me, you may try to remember tomorrow morning but they won’t come back for a second time. Write it all down, even the seemingly insignificant stuff. You never know what can strike up another inspiration session later. If you like a little organization, like me, do what I do.

Take Action //

Take a sharpie and write down the main idea at the top of the page in bold letters. Now grab another pen and write everything that comes to mind within that idea. When it sparks something new, start a new page. Later you can look back at them and see some order in the chaos.

Get something done.

It’s simple. Do something about it. It could have been a spark from an instagram caption, or an idea that popped up or a picture that reminded me of something else. Right now I am writing, that’s how I am using this passion filled moment. Maybe in a few minutes I will write a simple Instagram caption, or edit a picture or maybe I’ll put on a podcast and try to fall asleep, we will see. But right now, I am writing.

Don’t just let the passion slide by, do something with it, even if it’s little. I don’t mean write something down (like you just did) I mean actually create something!

Blast some music 

& dance around the room because you didn’t let that one get away!

Job well done friend. You embraced the moment, you wrote then you created. Now you get to rest. The Inspiration fairy thanks you for not ignoring her so she left to plague someone else with an active mind at midnight. Sleep, eat half a banana, do whatever else you were doing, continue living your best life.

Be Ready 

Repeat this process as often as you need to. Inspiration is such a powerful activator I don’t want you to ever miss another moment of it.





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