This is How to Live in God’s Will

What do you think of when you think God’s will? Do you cringe because of mistakes made? Do you sigh because someone brought it up AGAIN? Do you get angry because you can’t seem to grasp it? Does it also seem like a butterfly just out of reach (check out my recent post on our callings HERE).

I have been developing my thoughts on this and I just finished reading the book Just Do Something by Kevin DeYoung which anyone asking questions about what to do with theirs lives SHOULD READ. It’s pretty short making it easy to breeze through and I love his personal tone throughout the book! He voiced an organized version of my thoughts and it really brought clarity for me!

This is the core belief of the book.

If you live for God, obey the Scriptures, love others, and love God then you are “in the will of God”.

This is how I have come to believe this to be true. 

So last fall I was nearing the end of my school career and I was facing the obvious question “What in the world do I do now?” You know the one you avoid at all of those family gatherings. I’ve been given some clarity through my college career about my next steps in life and I believe God was leading me into full time international ministry. This wasn’t a simple one day realization. This was a three year long process full of questions, tears, long airplane rides, more questions, a lot of rice then a little clarity. I have a passion for mission work which was a known fact. I was free after graduation to go anywhere also a fact. 


So I did exactly what I was suppose to. I prayed about it. Then I did some more. I found some opportunities. I asked some questions. Then I prayed some more. Finally I got to the point of one opportunity and no clarity. So after praying for months I said “Okay God if you’re not going to verbally tell me to move to Ukraine to be a missionary then I am going to move forward and be open to your guidance”. 

I announced I was moving to Ukraine.

I wrote letters. I fundraised money. I talked with people in Ukraine. I just stepped forward like I was going to move there but kept my mind and heart aware.

So here I sit in my flat in Ukraine as a full time missionary. It doesn’t seem so crazy now.

I have come to realize I wasted a lot of time asking the wrong questions. How often does God lay out a person’s life plan in front of them? Has He ever done that? (If He has for you please let me know I would love to hear that story!) 

So why was I asking for that?

These are the lessons I’ve learned about the Lord’s Will (said with dramatic accent).


You can spend the rest of your life asking God to reveal to you exactly what you should do. I don’t believe He will tell you. He may guide you through wisdom, the Holy spirit, other people but He won’t lay it all out so stop asking. Instead ask for wisdom. Ask for strength to be present in this process. Ask for love to be abundant to cast out all fears. Tell Him about your worries then leave them with Him, let Him take those. 



God knows what is going to happen. He loves you and He cares for you. He knitted you in your mothers womb and He knows how many hairs are on your head. He even knows what you are going to eat for dinner tomorrow.

If you are standing at a cross roads and are seeking God for direction but He doesn’t clearly lead you and both are Godly options, choose one. Pursue it. Ask God to steer you. If there is a specific destination He NEEDS YOU at TRUST that He will guide you.


My last year of college God sparked this passion in me for children and the church. I had some free time so I researched it a little. I sent an email to the church asking about volunteering in this ministry area. They didn’t offer me a position, they just told me their ministry needs (most required money). So I prayed about it and prayed about it. I asked God for a sign that I was suppose to do something and it never came. So I never did anything. This was dumb so please don’t make my same mistake. There is so much I could have done if I wasn’t so afraid of going against God’s will.


We aren’t alone. God didn’t just create us and ditch us when we made dumb mistakes. He sent us His son. He wrote a book using broken spirit filled people. He sent us the Spirit to live in us. We can talk to Him. We can learn from Scripture and from other Godly people in our lives. If we search for which job to take you might not find a clear “Thou shall take the Amazon job. It has better benefits” but we will find guidelines of how to make a wise decision.

If you want to check out the book I HIGHLY recommend it!

So this is how to live in God’s will.




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