Why you Need to leave your Bible Study Behind Today


Hey, can I be real with you?

You need to stop relying on a Bible study or devotional for your quiet time. Yes they are awesome. Yes they are topical. Yes they teach you about God’s Word. Yes God uses them to communicate to you.


Do you know how to read the Bible for yourself? Do you know how to open the Word and grasp context? Do you know how to speak with God one on one?

If you were on a stranded island alone with your Bible would you know what to do with it?

Would you be confident enough to open it and listen to what God has to tell you?

When we use Bible studies and devotionals we are sitting down for coffee with God & a friend. Instead of God talking directly to you, He is telling your friend what to tell you. Then your friend interprets what he said and then relays the information. You are not hearing God’s direct words, you are hearing a slightly different version of the truth.

It may still be the truth but don’t you want to talk with God yourself?

We can rely too much on these extra resources because we are intimidated by the Bible. Since we don’t know what to do with it, we rely on the fact that others do. “Those big women’s bible study leaders went to seminary, they know better than me” you think.

I want to challenge you today.

Do you want to be Bible confident or do you want to keep hearing through others what God said.

I know how hard it is to move past the fears into a place of confidence. It took me five years and I am definitely still learning EVERY DAY! But me and God are tight, like real tight. I have never been closer to Him. 

I can 100% honestly tell you that I hear God speaking directly to me through His word.

I don’t always like what I hear, but I hear it! I am working on the automatic obedience part but we are all works in progress, right!

How do I start reading the Bible for myself?

Girl, I got you. You do not have to do this alone. I have been creating resources to guide you into a place of Bible confidence and I am so excited to share them. 

1. See where you are personally

We are all at different places. You may know the basics, or you may be just beginning. You may be able to recite whole chapters of the Bible or you may need help with context! To grow you must know where you are.

I pulled together 8 steps to Bible confidence + a free questionnaire so you can grasp what you need to work on personally.

Check it out here!

2. Read the Bible without a Bible Study

But where do I start? you may ask. I’ve got answer for that too!

I’ve built a 6 day email party for you! YAY THIS IS YOUR OFFICIAL INVITE! We are partying through the book of Philippians. It is four chapters long and you are going to love it.

Each email guides you through the basics of studying the Bible without a Bible study by teaching you how to grasp the big picture and context. 

Join below!


3. Build Confidence

This takes time, it definitely doesn’t happen over night. The Bible, as you know, is a HUGE book but it is crazy beautiful. The journey into a place confidence starts now, today. It starts by you choosing not to rely on a Bible study to spend time in the Word. 

It starts with you choosing to open that Bible reading today.

Then again tomorrow. & the next day.

I want you to know where it takes you.

It takes you far beyond what you can imagine. It takes you into the loving arms of the Father. It takes you to an acceptance of grace. It takes you into battles against lies. It takes you from a place of anxiety, worry and depression. It gives you an anchor of hope. It takes you to a place of expectancy of Jesus coming again. 

It takes you from knowing of God to knowing God yourself. 

I want you to know Him, friend. He is SO worth knowing.

ready to go deeper?

My Basic Bible Course is open for enrollment & FREE until September 17th! Come join me & other girls HERE!


Check these out!





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