20 Themed Party ideas for College Students


You’ve probably heard me say BE THE GATHERER because we all want to be invited. We want to make new friends. We want to feel included. But sometimes we must be the one gathering people. Sometimes we must face our fears and actually invite other people into our lives and our time.

Recently I wrote a post called how to build yourself a community READ HERE and I promised to give you some themed party ideas.

I’ve pulled together 20 party ideas for you so you can build more community in your life!

20 great themed party ideas!

1. Cookie Decorating Competition

I am not going to lie, the creative in me loves a good cookie decorating competition. All you need is cookie mix, icings in different colors, and sprinkles! This can be themed too! Like back to school or halloween or a Christmas tree. People love to get creative here.

2. Girls Night In

I am always down for a good girls night in together. Only girls, face masks, manis & pedis, chocolate strawberries & you are set! 

3. Pajama Party

PJs are life, at least my life. If I am home, I am in Pjs. Every once in a while I buy a matching set so I can look cute when traveling and staying in other people’s homes! Invite your friends over for breakfast for dinner but require them to wear PJs. You might regret it later after those guys show up in onesies. 

4. Personal Pizza Palooza 

What person doesn’t like pizza? It’s universally known and loved ESPECIALLY when you get to add your own toppings! Host a personal pizza palooza and have a huge buffet of different toppings and little pitas or mini crusts for each guest. It will be a hit, I promise!

5. 90’s Night

One of my favorite throw back times. There were so many great trends of these ten years. Bring nostalgia back into your friends lives by taking it back to the good ole years. Don’t forget the right jams, tv shows, and classic snacks!

6. Sundae Funday

I scream

you scream

we all scream

for our own ice cream!

This is all the inspiration you need // HERE

7. Get Your Craft On 

I use to do this in college once a month. Find a good easy CHEAP craft to make, gather the supplies then gather the girls! They will love the chance to take a break from life and just get a little creative then they get to take it home! 

8. Letter Writing Party

In college I found a love for writing. Writing on this blog, writing in my journal and writing my thoughts and encouragement to others. Pulling people together for a common cause can not only build community but make them think outside of themselves.

Hannah Brencher, my favorite person, runs an organization that sends cards out to people who truly need them. She releases their names and stories HERE if you want to use these as prompts for people.

9. Disney Day

I don’t think I have ever met someone who doesn’t life disney. Run a disney themed party with only a movie, a game and some food. No dressing up necessary, unless you want to!

You can have different disney movie options then take a vote when guests come. You can always play Disney trivia or name this movie using songs. 

10. Taco Tuesday

In Arizona we had taco nights almost every night but calling Tuesday taco Tuesday always made it more excited. Make a lot of taco meat, grab those tortillas and have some cheese, lettuce and tomato and you are set! 


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11. Bachelor / Bachelorette Viewing

Another classic college experience. We use to love to gather just to watch the newest episode together and share our opinions of the dates. Pop some popcorn, open your door, and watch the girls stream in.

12. Up & Away

Have a dream party! Invite others to come and share what they want to do in their lives. You can have everyone write down their dreams on paper then pass it around trying to guess whose dream is which. Another fun activity is to put a big map on the wall and make them choose a dream vacation and why. 

Dream big!

13. Adult Prom

Sometimes having an excuse to dress up and look pretty is just needed. If you have a bigger space or can use one, host an adult prom. Have a place to take photos, punch and a play list and everyone will love it!

14. Breakfast for Dinner

Breakfast for dinner is my favorite meal. Breakfast is great in the morning but WAY more exciting at night. All you have to do is cook up some eggs, pancakes and serve fruit! It’s also really cheap!

15. Masquerade

This is still a dream of mine. You can host a masquerade in your room without all the puffy gowns and nice suits you are picturing in your mind. Just require people to wear a mask and dance the night away!

16. Breakup Party

Did someone you know recently breakup? Invite them over and a few of yall’s closest friends to make her feel better. Let her cry but then let her feel loved and worthy of someone better. Queue the ice cream and a romcom! 

17. Clothes Swapping Party

This one is great for the poor college students (I totally get it). Set up the rules of the swap first then invite people to come and swap clothes, bags, accessories and so on. The more people you have the more fun it is so invite everyone!

18. Outdoor Movie 

You could go to the drive in or you could make shift an outdoor movie screen. Either way the fresh air is good for the soul and so is the company.

19. Luau 

Self explanatory! Make a tropical leaf banner, slice up that watermelon and have grass skirts available. People will love the chance to escape!

20. It’s Your Pet’s Birthday

How often do you talk about your pets and show pictures? Celebrate their big day by inviting others to come over and celebrate too! Make sure you buy them a special treat and provide birthday cake for all the humans. You will have so many photos of your friends and your pet at the end of the night!

Be the gatherer friends. Don’t let fear stop you from inviting others into your life!


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