5 Steps to Cultivating Discipline in your Life

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I am going to share with you my number one secret to growth, to time with God and to getting things done.

Are you ready?

I’ve cultivated discipline.

I’ve chosen to build discipline in my life in different areas because you don’t get better at something until you do it repeatedly. You can’t become a better writer unless you are writing. You can’t become a better artist unless you are creating. You can’t grow in your relationship with God unless you prioritize your relationship with God.

Discipline is the secret sauce to achieving the change you want to see in your life and growing into the person who accomplishes their dreams in the future.

One of the most common problems a girl runs into when she is trying to grow in her relationship with God is inconsistency. This inconsistency is what leads to what seems like an inconsistent God. God isn’t inconsistent and He is ready to talk with you and lead you in life but you aren’t choosing to show up and listen.

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Discipline is what I started developing in High school when I was homeschooled. I graduated high school a year early because I dedicated extra time daily to taking extra classes. I chose to push through the emotions that said, “no, I don’t feel like it” and I just did it.

Another area of my life I have cultivated discipline in is my morning routine. I wake up at 7 am to write for an hour before diving into my day. Yes. 7 Am. Yes. That is early but OH so worth it!

Think of all the areas of life that can be positively impacted if you could develop discipline in them. 


  • Getting school work done early instead of procrastinating until the last minute

  • Exercising more often and actually working out on a schedule

  • Growing your side hustle

  • Improving your creative abilities

  • Choosing to spend time with God every day

Have I convinced you of it’s importance yet?

Are you wondering how you can cultivate this in your own life? Well, I got you friend!

5 Actionable Steps to Developing Discipline in Your Life

Step 1: Choose just ONE area of discipline to develop 

It can be so exciting especially when you see all the areas of your life you want to improve in but don’t let those exciting emotions set you up to fail. Discipline is something that must start small then grow. You must begin focusing on one area with one specific goal.

So think about it. What is the number 1 area of your life you want to improve in?

Once you narrow it down we are going to create a one lined goal.

This is my example for this post: I want to develop discipline in my relationship with God and spend time with Him daily.

TIPS: Don’t let it be too broad! You need to have it narrowed down and actionable. If you set a goal that you can’t achieve or develop you won’t be able to see results!

Step 2: Tackle it on the daily

The thing with discipline is it’s a daily choice. You must tackle it every day to truly develop it and grow yourself.

I know that doesn’t sound fun but if you are really dedicated to reaching your goals then you can push through the emotions that are holding you back. In the end there is so much joy you will find in doing it daily if you can just get there!

So how do we tackle it daily?

We use our goal and set a plan.

On the daily what do you need to do to develop discipline in this one area of life?

Example: My daily goal is to spend fifteen minutes reading the Bible.

Now I have a plan that I can start implementing today and grow through daily.

Step 3: Build a Routine

Think of your routine as the start of your new habit. What are you doing to accomplish that daily goal?

Our brains recognize triggers especially when we do them often. Like getting in our car to drive away. How often do you think through your need to put on a seat belt? Don’t you just put it on? It has become a habit triggered by you getting in the car set before you start driving.

We need to put triggers in place to build up our new routine. 

One note about building a routine and focusing on your relationship with God. You can build a routine to meet Him but don’t fall into a routine in your time with Him. It is so important that we don’t see reading His word and prayer as something we check off our to do list. God is not an accomplishment but our friend, our Father, our life focus! We need to love Him! We can’t love Him well if we don’t dedicate our full attention to time with Him.

Back to building your routine. Choose one trigger and stick with it day in and day out.

Example: I am going to sit down with my Bible for fifteen minutes after I eat breakfast but before I leave for work.

My trigger is my daily breakfast. Your trigger could be creating after work for an hour before you watch tv and cook dinner. Or you could have your trigger as time in your car before work.

This is where you can get creative! When can you make time for this new discipline? You are not too busy to grow in yourself. Deem yourself worth the effort.

Step 4: Fall down & choose to get up again

Failure is inevitable. You are going to miss a day, or two, or three. BUT do not let that stop you from getting up again and tackling this goal!

If you know before hand that you are going to mess up and you choose to extend grace to yourself, it will be easier to do it again.

You know what you have to do? You have to do it again. You have to choose to use the trigger, do it daily, and start working towards that goal again.

Keep the end in mind. Why are you working so hard for this? What accomplishments do you want to reach?


You have not fallen so far you can’t get up again. Just do it.

Step 5: Celebrate your victories!

All work and no play keeps the energy away! You are working so hard to reach these goals you must recognize the little accomplishments. Like when you do it daily for a week. Then two weeks. Then a month. Then two months.

At one point you will stop dreading this daily task. At one point you won’t even notice that you do it. It will just happen.

Then you can say HEY! Look at that! I developed a little discipline in my life! What area can I work on next?

See! Developing discipline isn’t as scary as it sounds. It is doable and I believe you can do it.

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Now tell me. What area of your life do you want to develop discipline in? Talk to me in the comments below!



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