10 Ways God is in a personal relationship with you

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I’ve been realizing recently how relational God. I mean we were created in His image. Male and female. Emotions and all. We were modeled after Him and we are very relational beings. We can’t live a healthy life without other people.

With people we do normal relational things. We eat together. We talk. We share our honest thoughts and struggles. We choose to love when it’s hard. We fight on behalf of the other person. Or sometimes we sit on the couch and do nothing. That’s what being in a relationship is.

So how do we do this with God whom we can’t see with our eyes or touch with our hands?

Here are ten ways God reveals His identity to be relationally driven.

1. He loves us

He chooses to push aside all the sin, screw ups, insecurities, fears, doubts, weakness, and on. He really truly deeply loves us.

2. He cheers us on! He wants the absolute best for us

Like a Father seeing the world with a little more wisdom than his daughter, God is looking out for us. He wants to protect us from the potholes and cheer us on towards joy and peace in this beautiful life! He is the sideline dad running with us, proud of what we have done and excited about what we will do.

3. He desires for us to be joyful

He knows our hearts. He knows what we are feeling deep inside. He doesn’t promise happiness as fleeting as that is. He doesn’t promise a life of easy and a lack of hardships, those are guaranteed. He does promise to be there. He does promise to extend an unshakable hope. He does promise a beautiful place of no suffering after all this crap. With this hope that He has extended to us, we can choose to be joyful people seeing the good in today and what’s to come.

4. He speaks to us

This you might be a little hesitant on accepting. Let me clarify something. I don’t mean an audible “HEY I love you. You need to stop doing _______ and do this.” We as believers today have the Holy Spirit. We have God living within us, speaking to us. Have you read the Bible and learned something about God? Have you ever felt conviction? Have you ever seen God through other people? He has spoken to you. We know based on Scripture that He reveals truths to us, personally. As we grow in our relationships with Him, He is the one prompting us forward opening the doors into discovery.

5. He is present when we are a mess and overly emotional

I’ve called on Him on many terrible no good very bad days. I’ve been a wreck with mascara running down my face and snot from my nose and He has sat with me. He has listened to what I was feeling. He has been present and loving when I needed Him most. He brought me peace. I know He will do the same for you if you ask Him.

6. He knows what We need and provides it for us

I wish I knew exactly what I needed. I wish I had this layout of my life that had categories like “Absolute essentials”, “People needed”, “Lessons Needed to learn” etc. I wish it was as simple as oxygen, food and water but it’s not. God promises to provide all that I need and I can testify to it’s truth. My best friend in college, the right conversation with the right person at the right time, my financials being provided for when I was panicking. He knows and He gives.

7. He says no

Sometimes our friends say no. Sometimes they don’t think that idea is the healthiest for us. Sometimes they are looking out for us better than we can for ourselves. God says no but his answer includes a whole lot more wisdom than we can ever grasp. He sees the big picture and He doesn’t think that would be best so he says no and I am grateful.

8. He sacrifices for us

What good relationship doesn’t include sacrifice. Whether it’s food, time, money, secrets, or vulnerability. Every good two sided relationship has these things. While I am willing to sacrifice these things for a friend, I would not be willing to sacrifice my future child’s life. God saw all His children that have ever existed even though they rejected Him and He chose to allow His son to die and come back to life JUST to have a personal relationship with us. We can’t ever beat that.

9. He initiated the relationship with us

It’s fun when a guy pursues you. It’s like him saying “hey! I think you are beautiful and kind and I want to know you”. Well God does the same thing, He pursues us. There is not one single relationship in this world between God and man that God didn’t initiate. He doesn’t just speak to us He reveals himself to our hearts, He goes deep. He never stops the pursuit.

10. He always forgives us when we mess up

This happens a lot. I mess up ALL the time! I skip our dates, I say no when I should have said yes, I rush into things, I say something to someone I shouldn’t have, I think bad thoughts. He knows we aren’t perfect yet He forgives us EVERY time! He doesn’t count our sins on a tally page, he lets them go. He doesn’t allow our personal issues to stop His pursuit of us. How flipping beautiful is that.

These are ways I am seeing how God is in a personal love relationship with us. If there are any of these you haven’t experienced I want to ask you why not? God is not just a God of laws, of Bible times, of right and wrong. He is a God of love, of pursuit, of openness, of willingness, of sacrifice.

If you don’t feel close to Him, figure out why not then stop letting it stop you.

I promise God is waiting & a relationship with Him is a lifetime of adventure guaranteed!



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