10 Ways God is in a personal relationship with you

Photo Cred : Bruno Cervera I’ve been realizing recently how relational God. I mean we were created in His image. Male and female. Emotions and all. We were modeled after Him and we are very relational beings. We can’t live a healthy life without other people. With people we do normal relational things. We eat […]

20 Themed Party ideas for College Students

  You’ve probably heard me say BE THE GATHERER because we all want to be invited. We want to make new friends. We want to feel included. But sometimes we must be the one gathering people. Sometimes we must face our fears and actually invite other people into our lives and our time. Recently I […]

Why you Need to leave your Bible Study Behind Today

  Hey, can I be real with you? You need to stop relying on a Bible study or devotional for your quiet time. Yes they are awesome. Yes they are topical. Yes they teach you about God’s Word. Yes God uses them to communicate to you. But Do you know how to read the Bible […]

Where to Start Reading the Bible for Beginners + Free email Party

  Photo: Priscilla Du Preez Are you someone who.. – knows you should be reading the Bible but just aren’t sure what to do? – is ready to build your relationship with God? – is intimidated by the Bible. – is annoyed everyone else seems to grasp the Bible and understand it all I get […]

8 Steps to Reading the Bible Confidently Without a Bible Study

  This is something I’ve been passionately pursuing since I was 16 and a fresh Christian with no idea how to dive into this complicated and intimidating world of the Bible. I asked people the question of where to start and they all said start with a short book in the New testament like Philippians. […]

Hey College Babe // 7 Pep Talks for the Girl Ready to Face the New School Year

  So we’ve made it to the end of summer. Which means clingy mommas, fresh backpacks, and either excitement or dread for classes.  I’ve put together 7 pep talks for you to feel inspired and encouraged walking onto that college campus! Whether you are a freshman or a Senior these are made for you!  Tell […]

You Matter // College Student Pep Talk

You matter. Let that penetrate your mind, heart, and soul for a second. You matter in this crazy big world. God sought you out from your mother’s womb and destined you to walk through the journey you find yourself in now. What a game changer. I wish I believed those words back then.