20 Themed Party ideas for College Students

  You’ve probably heard me say BE THE GATHERER because we all want to be invited. We want to make new friends. We want to feel included. But sometimes we must be the one gathering people. Sometimes we must face our fears and actually invite other people into our lives and our time. Recently I […]

You HAVE to read these five books in summer 2018!

I am a constant reader, I always have a book in my bag and these five have been on my summer list & I wanted to share! I chose diverse books from different genres so you can check out a variety..

Everything you Need to Know about going Gluten Free

I don’t want to bore you with my long gluten free origin story so I am just going to sum it up. Starting in college I began experiencing nausea after I ate and it progressively got worse over the years. I’ve had minimal tests done but the nurse said to just use a food diary and document when it happened…

Dear Future Husband // How I Write & Pray for my Future Hubby

Can I tell you a secret?

I am 21 and I have never been on a date! 😱😱😱

If we are being completely honest I know I don’t fall into the ‘average’ category but its never bothered me. I’ve been more focused on my friends and community then on pursuing someone…

How to Study the Bible for Young Adults

I am a mess 😂 I totally filmed the PERFECT take then realized the camera wasn’t filming at all. The perfectionist in wanted to keep filming this until it’s perfect but I decided that the imperfect me was enough…

What to do when Inspiration Strikes

I am a passion driven person. Let me tell you, I have more late nights with my computer in my lap (like this one) because something sparked in me and I just couldn’t let it go…

The 10 Rules to Live Created.

Living created is something I am learning to do. It’s a daily choice to be fully me, the one God designed me to be, to bring about amazing things in this world for the Lords glory. If that sounds boring to you, I think you need to rethink God’s character because of everything I’ve personally experienced He is NOT boring…

Be Present Together

Just for a fun little Friday freebie I made some printable questions cards! We can so often get distracted when we are hanging out with our friends, especially with the access we have to our phones, and I wanted to challenge people to be present and ask some questions!