I always get asked questions about food and what they eat there so here is my menu from my time in Uganda, Enjoy! (I didn’t take many photos in Uganda but here are the foods I ate photos curtesy of Google) CHAPATI: The bare essential of cooking in Uganda. Similar to a fried flatbread & […]


If you have ever been to a third world countryyou have witnessed poverty. The overwhelming fact of the matter is there isn’t any food, people are trying to survive and can barely pay for their one room home in the slum community. Showers are not expected and clothes have holes everywhere. Shoes are not always […]

Page Three: It’s the (5.18.2017)

  It’s the..tile floor in the kitchenand the concrete everywhere elseIt’s the shoes by the doorAnd the simpleness of life It’s the probability of a cold showerAnd the broken toilet seat Held together by duck tape It’s crawling into bed at night with dirty feetAnd sleeping until the sun wakes you upAnd you know the […]

India Letter

Dear Friends & Family,  I am just sitting here in awe of everything that God has done in my life over the past year. I was beyond blessed from my Philippines trip last year and now God has laid another opportunity on my heart. The Lord provided the application fee the week my application was […]