Why you Need to leave your Bible Study Behind Today

  Hey, can I be real with you? You need to stop relying on a Bible study or devotional for your quiet time. Yes they are awesome. Yes they are topical. Yes they teach you about God’s Word. Yes God uses them to communicate to you. But Do you know how to read the Bible […]

Where to Start Reading the Bible for Beginners + Free email Party

  Photo: Priscilla Du Preez Are you someone who.. – knows you should be reading the Bible but just aren’t sure what to do? – is ready to build your relationship with God? – is intimidated by the Bible. – is annoyed everyone else seems to grasp the Bible and understand it all I get […]

8 Steps to Reading the Bible Confidently Without a Bible Study

  This is something I’ve been passionately pursuing since I was 16 and a fresh Christian with no idea how to dive into this complicated and intimidating world of the Bible. I asked people the question of where to start and they all said start with a short book in the New testament like Philippians. […]

How to Study the Bible for Young Adults

I am a mess 😂 I totally filmed the PERFECT take then realized the camera wasn’t filming at all. The perfectionist in wanted to keep filming this until it’s perfect but I decided that the imperfect me was enough…