6 diy Friend Gifts

With Christmas season coming and so many gifts to buy there just isn’t enough money to go around. Trust me friend, I get it. So here I put together 6 different DIY presents for the besties in your life. I have used all of these and love giving them with personal touches based on the […]

How to Make Candles

I’ve been hosting craft nights in my dorm rooms for almost a year now & I find so much joy in having girls over and making things! For this month’s I chose a slightly more costly craft but it was still super fun!  When looking for a craft for October I decided to really dive […]

DIY // Paint Hanger

I get a TON of questions about this piece in my bedroom so I decided to share the EXTREMELY simple way to make it! Step 1. Go to Home Depot to Get Supplies I know, crazy right? No one ever yells out “Home Depot trip, who wants to come?” but I promise it isn’t as […]

My Room Tour // 2017

Welcome to my hiding place.  This is my last semester of college and also the first semester of me having my own room, which is amazing. This is a tour of my space that I have decorated through clearance items and DIY projects. If you have a question, ask, I probably made it. DIY Post […]

Clipboard DIY Projects

Clipboards are one of those house hold items almost everyone  has lying around but they are definitely not the prettiest. I haven’t DIY’ed a clipboard in a long  time but needed some inspiration first. Here is a large collection of DIY clipboards from all  over the internet! Make Something!

DIY Sharpie Mugs

This just screamed my moms friends so I decided to DIY it. I searched the web for tricks to making it permanent and dishwasher safe. I found my answer. Oil based Sharpie Pen. I bought my mugs from walmart but they weren’t exactly what I was looking for because they had this divider which put […]