10 Ways God is in a personal relationship with you

Photo Cred : Bruno Cervera I’ve been realizing recently how relational God. I mean we were created in His image. Male and female. Emotions and all. We were modeled after Him and we are very relational beings. We can’t live a healthy life without other people. With people we do normal relational things. We eat […]

This is How to Live in God’s Will

What do you think of when you think God’s will? Do you cringe because of mistakes made? Do you sigh because someone brought it up AGAIN? Do you get angry because you can’t seem to grasp it? Does it also seem like a butterfly just out of reach?

How to Study the Bible for Young Adults

I am a mess 😂 I totally filmed the PERFECT take then realized the camera wasn’t filming at all. The perfectionist in wanted to keep filming this until it’s perfect but I decided that the imperfect me was enough…

What’s your Calling & How to Hear it

We talk about calling like it’s something we can catch. Like we are a child running around this world with a net in our hands trying to reach that beautiful butterfly that seems to always be flying just out of reach. They seem so perfect with their coloring…

Let’s Dwell on Psalms 51

Sometimes we get so busy running through the motions of our everyday life we forget to slow down. When in my Christian Character Formation class my professor made us stop for twenty minutes and dwell on Psalms 51. We had time to just sit, read and meditate. Sometimes we brush our sins into the bin […]

John 1:1-5

[I recently wrote my first spoken word piece and fell in love with it so I decided to share.]  John 1:1-5We seek the Scripture to teach usto learn from past events and to reach usthrough the hands of time it callsspeaking truth into us all In the BeginningWait flash back to Genesis 1:1Where God’s first […]