Dear Future Husband // How I Write & Pray for my Future Hubby

Can I tell you a secret?

I am 21 and I have never been on a date! 😱😱😱

If we are being completely honest I know I don’t fall into the ‘average’ category but its never bothered me. I’ve been more focused on my friends and community then on pursuing someone…

What to do when Inspiration Strikes

I am a passion driven person. Let me tell you, I have more late nights with my computer in my lap (like this one) because something sparked in me and I just couldn’t let it go…

The 10 Rules to Live Created.

Living created is something I am learning to do. It’s a daily choice to be fully me, the one God designed me to be, to bring about amazing things in this world for the Lords glory. If that sounds boring to you, I think you need to rethink God’s character because of everything I’ve personally experienced He is NOT boring…

Let’s turn Comparison to Inspiration

Hi, can I talk about myself for a second? I love to create & I mean LOVE to create. If there is anything is this world that brings me joy it is creating something, making a project or changing something to make it a little more expressive. With this being said it is who I […]

Stay Inspired // Follow October ‘17

Photo by: @krupcake Welcome to my Instagram October obsessions. These are the instas that I have been finding a lot of inspiration from lately! Give em a follow or just scroll for some ideas! Today, we're so excited to announce that @prettylittlefawn's +pack is now available in the @acolorstory app. We've been swooning over her […]

My Favorite Podcasts

When life gets busy but I want to stay inspired and creative I turn to podcasts. They are short, typically fun and I can listen while walking to class or driving to work. These are the podcasts sitting on my queue and I couldn’t not share so here you go! That Sounds Fun Podcast Annie […]