30 ways to be grateful this month

One for each day of the month or 30 to do in one day, either way these challenges  will bring gratitude forward. Gratitude isn’t an act we should remember to engage in one month a year but everyday. Here are 30 prompts to challenge you to be more grateful.  Start a gratitude jar. Write your […]

Created Story & Poem

SO I made T-shirts Last year within my dorm room I would host craft nights. It gave me the chance to intentionally love on them and be present in their lives. I called them Created. This comes from the fact that God created me and now I get to give back and create for Him. […]

Why is it Always Wedding Season

The fall has come, and so has the weddings.  I know wedding season is always but I just feel like this October is just extra full of weddings. I literally can’t scroll through Facebook without seeing ten new engagements, 6 weddings and lots of strangers in bridesmaids dresses. Throw in some extra shots from the bachelorette […]

Let’s Encourage.

Getting back to school for this one semester has brought up a lot of emotions and questions. I have one foot in GCU and the other out. I don’t want to try building more community, but establish and enjoy the community I have already built here. Everyone is in different seasons with graduation looming in […]

Let’s Dwell on Psalms 51

Sometimes we get so busy running through the motions of our everyday life we forget to slow down. When in my Christian Character Formation class my professor made us stop for twenty minutes and dwell on Psalms 51. We had time to just sit, read and meditate. Sometimes we brush our sins into the bin […]

Dear Freshman

There is so much I wish I could tell you about your next four years. I wish I could tell you everything that I did wrong so that you won’t make the same mistakes, but then where is the fun in that? College is hard.  People tell you, “you will grow so much over the […]

John 1:1-5

[I recently wrote my first spoken word piece and fell in love with it so I decided to share.]  John 1:1-5We seek the Scripture to teach usto learn from past events and to reach usthrough the hands of time it callsspeaking truth into us all In the BeginningWait flash back to Genesis 1:1Where God’s first […]

The Struggle of Being Known

The idea that someone knows me is haunting.  The idea that someone knows the way I think is scary. The idea that they still love me is baffling.  We live our lives wanting to be known and loved without being vulnerable. Thats just too far. To be open and expressive without holding back. That is […]

Why I Love Going to Church By Myself

Don’t get me wrong I love taking people to church. I typically drive every Sunday from my school with a couple of people. I’m not discrediting those times but every once in a while I absolutely love going to church by myself. I get to walk to my car with the Lord and He alone. […]

Dear Self

January 1st, 2015 Dear Self,  There are a few ways I want to prepare you for this coming year which will be full of life’s trials and God’s triumphs. First remember you are loved right now in this very moment by the ultimate creator of the entire universe. Get to know Him. He is waiting […]