NEW years

Out with the old in with the new. Isn’t that the famous phrase that gets tossed in to decision making when the new year rolls around. The family is all gone, the presents have been opened and ten pounds has been gained. Thats really the beginning of new and better goals for the new year.  […]

Loving the One

Do we ever tell the Lord that we love Him? We spend our lives knowing of His love for us. I mean He sent His only son to experience extreme pain to die on a cross not for Himself but for us. Do we ever just stop and show Him how much he means to […]


I want to talk about Isaiah. He was a prophet that lived during the Old testament times and He was like any other man until he encountered God in a vision. This vision came to Isaiah in the year that King Uzziah died. King Uzziah had reigned over Judah (northern Israel) for 52 years and […]


Did you know we are heirs? It is and was common for the oldest son to receive the families inheritance but He can’t receive this until he has grown under the leadership of his father. We are the same way because without God we were slaves to the worldly ways. We grew up learning the […]

November Challenge

So we were sitting in our youth group on my floor and she brought up this gratitude challenge. The point is to make a list of things your grateful for everyday this month because, you know, Thanksgiving. So I know this is the 4th day but its not too late! Personally I am doing 33 […]

Dorm Diaries: Move In Day

So yestersday I moved into college.  It was the most overwhelming experience I have ever experienced.   Grand Canyon University does their move in days a little different.  If you are a new student then you drive into the already crammed parking lot in front of your dorm. There are hundreds of kids standing on […]

Las Vegas

So I’m moving to Vegas I never thought I’d say that, let me tell you. My father got a job in Las Vegas and we have done the whole long distance family thing and it didn’t end well. We decided to move out there with him.  The drive is a bit more than 30 hours. […]

What I Do Know

Can I just start off this post by saying how hot Theo James with a beard is? I knew you would agree. If you haven’t read Divergent, read it. If you have go see the movie. The adaptation was fabulous and exactly what I wanted to see. Moving on. So I know I haven’t blogged […]

Me. Now.

   While moving with the crowd of 3500 people looking at this school, I think  ”I could go here.” I mean the food looks good, the campus is pretty, there are ROTC guys everywhere. Why not? But really what I’m thinking is why not now? I am ready. I am pumped. I could have fun-take […]