What it’s like Receiving a Team As a Full Time Missionary

God molded my heart and revealed a passion for serving and loving people internationally on short term mission trips. This is probably why receiving a short-term trip was so exciting for me (plus Nadia did most of the work) and I want to share a few highlights!

Let’s Talk Fundraising

I’ve personally been on three short term mission trips. I am also currently support raising for an entire year of mission work (check out my Ukraine page!) so I can confidently say I’ve done this a few times. I’ve had a few people recently ask me questions about my mission trips and their number one […]

I am Moving to Ukraine

This is something I have been waiting to announce until the right time so here we are! I am officially moving to Ukraine in January of next year to serve a ministry there (Ukraine Partners for Christ) and whatever needs they have. This is not what I thought I would be doing immediately after graduating […]

Interested in a Short Term Mission Trip?

Hi Friend! Writing about this has been on my heart lately and before I share what I’ve learned, I’m going to share a little bit about where I’ve been. This is the EXTREMELY condensed version.  So back in my freshman year I went to the mission trip fair at GCU and was floored by the […]

Page Eight: The Letter & Recap

05.31.2017The Entebbe Airport Farewell Uganda, I’ve cried multiple times today. As my last day here in your beautiful country I’ve been loved well and I’m overwhelmed with my emotions while sitting within your airport.  I have no idea what exactly my God has planned for my future but you’ve opened my eyes to things He […]


When I first emailed the volunteer coordinator for Doors I explained my heart and why I wanted to see what they were doing in Uganda. Ever since my freshman year trip to the Philippines, my heart has grown a passion for mission work but I wasn’t sure when or what the next step would be. […]

PAGE SIX: MOTHER’S DAY (5.23.2017)

The women sangAnd they dancedThey screamed for joyAs they gathered in a safe place. So my friend started a ministry within an Uganda slum called Uniquely Woven. They meet on Tuesdays for fellowship and then the team goes on Thursday to do home visits. So my first Tuesday I got to experience an open room […]


I always get asked questions about food and what they eat there so here is my menu from my time in Uganda, Enjoy! (I didn’t take many photos in Uganda but here are the foods I ate photos curtesy of Google) CHAPATI: The bare essential of cooking in Uganda. Similar to a fried flatbread & […]


If you have ever been to a third world countryyou have witnessed poverty. The overwhelming fact of the matter is there isn’t any food, people are trying to survive and can barely pay for their one room home in the slum community. Showers are not expected and clothes have holes everywhere. Shoes are not always […]

Page Three: It’s the (5.18.2017)

  It’s the..tile floor in the kitchenand the concrete everywhere elseIt’s the shoes by the doorAnd the simpleness of life It’s the probability of a cold showerAnd the broken toilet seat Held together by duck tape It’s crawling into bed at night with dirty feetAnd sleeping until the sun wakes you upAnd you know the […]